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Almost Home by Joan Bauer

No description

Jocelyn Klucar

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Almost Home by Joan Bauer

Almost Home by Joan Bauer
Reviewed by Paige Bauer

Almost Home Story Map
Setting: Missouri headed to Chicago, Illinois
Where: In many places as they moved around looking for a home.
When: Present Day
Major Characters: Sugar, Reba (Sugar's Mom), Shush, Foster Mom and Dad
Minor Characters: Mr. Bennett "Mr.B", the gardner, Mr. Leeland (Sugar's Dad), Dana Woods
Sugar and her mom, Reba, are homeless and Sugar has to learn to survive without her mom when her mom went into the hospital.
Event 1
The bank came and took their house away. Sugar and her mom went to their cousin's house but then they were kicked out and had to go to a homeless shelter.
Event 2
Reba, Sugar's mom, received an email from a friend that there was a job in Chicago but when they got there they could not find the friend because the email was five months old. There was no friend or job. Sugar's mom had a mental breakdown and Sugar went to a foster home. The first home was too crowded and then Sugar went a new foster home.
Event 3
While Sugar was in foster care she had no friends, at first, and only had Shush, the dog. Sugar hid Shush in her purse while in the first foster home and the second foster home family loved the dog. Sugar trained Shush to be a therapy dog because Shush helped her so she wanted to help others.
Sugar's mom got better and rented a room. Sugar stayed at the foster home but her mom promised her once she was better they would find a home to live together with Shush. This is why the title is Almost Home.
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