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VHCS Board Dec Meeting

No description

Laura Brown

on 6 March 2018

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Transcript of VHCS Board Dec Meeting

Vanderbilt Home Care Services
Goal 33%
Actual 18%
Skill Mix Ratio
Goal 50%
Actual 40%
Skill Mix Ratio
The Mental Health Specialist program Home Care developed for MCJVCH has been transferred to the hospital.

54.19 avg. days to fill
Goal is < 60 days

VHCS is also expanding it's Behavioral Health Service. We currently have 1.5 behavioral health RN's with the goal of recruiting another 1.5 FTE's
Stem Cell Pilot

Re-evaluating due to
impact on star rating

Currently implementing
Key Performance Indicators
Employee Engagement
Overtime Hours
Nov. 2017
107 %
Feb. 2017
Nov. 2017
Feb. 2017
19 PT : 3 PTA
5 OT : 2 COTA
Key Performance Indicators: Finance
Improvement in managed care contract rates
Consult with Gayla Harvey and the contract negotiation team and follow up on commitment to re-negotiate the Healthspring contract.
We have approached Healthspring and BlueCare to increase rates per visit and are awaiting reponses. We will continue to follow up with these payors and others to improve reimbursement.
Our focused recruitment efforts are on LPN's
LPN's have been the principle nurses
needed for our Private Duty service
line. We have a current demand that
cannot be met without additional
In order to staff 4,240 private duty hours
we would need between 23-33 FTE's
predominately LPN's. Optimization
analysis is occurring now to determine projected profitability in Private Duty
services once adequate staff are recruited.

Total number in Feb: 19
Total number current: 19
Increase Medicare episodic referral volume
Budgeted average monthly referral rate: 142

YTD monthly average: 158

Revenue Cycle
Craig Swagerty started today
Oasis Coding
Feb CMI start of care: 1.12
Current CMI SOC: 1.25

Goal: >1.15

Oasis Coding Acceptance Rate prior Qtr.: 74%

Current Oasis Coding Acceptance Rate: 79%

Goal: 85%
Micro Management of
the TMO capture rate
Home Care capture rate from VUMC

February 2017: $2,314
Current: $4,119
Threshold > $3,010
Target > $ 3,080
Reach > $ 3,200

A/R Days over 120 Days
February 2017: 39%
Current: 33.3%
Threshold: <25%
Target: <20%
Reach <18%

Consolidated days:
February 2017: 58
Current: 50
Threshold <45 days
Target <40 days
Reach <35 days
Vanderbilt's Epic Transition and Delta Crescendo interface occurred with only moderate complications. There were 11 tickets issued during the first two weeks of the transition, and all but two have been resolved.

Two of the tickets will go to optimization in March
Current focus is on post conversion assessment
We are expanding EStar access with further training of key staff
My appreciation to Laura Thomas for leading this effort along with Susan Conner and Emily Reimer
Referrals as a % of VUMC Discharges for Acute Rehab, Home Health, Hospice, Infusion, LTAC and SNF Groupings
VHCS % of Home Health Market Share Based on Patient Zip Code
Epic Transition
Pallative Care
KPI Dashboard

Evaluating length of stay partnership with Ingram Cancer Center
Skill Mix Pediatrics
OT Program
Certified therapist in the Graston technique

Speech Program
Certified therapists in LSVT Loud with a focus on Parkinson's Disease

Programs of Emphasis
Low Vision
RX Management
Safety and Fall Prevention
Wages per visit for Skilled Nursing
Wages per visit for PT
Vanderbilt Friendly Faces
Weekly meetings are ongoing
with 4 patients to date
Sitter Service
: VHCS has been providing sitter services for the VUMC hospitals for many years. We have a staff of 120 employees, 114 personal care attendants PCA's, 4 schedulers and 2 supervising managers This team provided 189,405 hours of patient observation for FY17. VHCS would like to sell the sitter service.

n: The sitter service is not a core home care business. This service wholly benefits the acute care hospitals. We are offering the service at below market rates for similar work. It is not fiscally rewarding. It is an additional legal liability that links home care outside its core function to the acute care hospital. It would require considerable time, manager effort, and revenue to create a similar service from start to finish.

: VHCS would like to sell the sitter operation to VUMC or an unaffiliated buyer. It is my belief that VUMC is the preferred buyer, and is the best beneficiary of the service. Therefore my proposal is to sell the sitter operation to VUMC for a credit of one times annual net revenue, which at this writing is estimated to be approximately 3.7 million dollars.
Early ACO
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