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Legacy Partners Realty [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 27 August 2015

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Transcript of Legacy Partners Realty [Shared]


to Market
Katyna M. Bunn
Experience Our
Passionate team of professionals to provide legendary service and efficiency
• Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) at work
• Unique buyer lead capture systems via website and text messaging
• Network of qualified contractors
• Community involvement
• Easy Exit Guarantee
Why Choose Legacy Partners Realty
We are continually working to improve what we do. Therefore, we always solicit and use client feedback. We prefer loyal clients versus simply satisfied ones. 97% of our sales are past clients or referrals!

Finally, you become part of your team that you can trust to keep you informed and look out for your best interest.
We are a team of problem solvers with a high sense of urgency when getting things done!

We understand numbers and how to analyze them. But most importantly, we know how to communicate plainly what they mean.

We value time, especially yours.
Marketing Plan
Our home staging consultant is available to help you prepare your home to sell. She has the skills to look at your rooms and determine and highlight their best features giving your home an advantage over other homes.
Afterwards, your home will be professionally photographed so that it is presented in high-resolution color.
A professional appraiser will measure your home. She will provide square footage data and a computerized floor plan drawing of your home.
Feedback will be obtained from all agents showing your home.
You will receive a weekly showing report including buyer prospect feedback.
We will contact you weekly to discuss our strategy and progress in selling your home.
We will arrange for appointment-only showings when requested.
Buyers will find touring your home easy. We follow up on EVERY lead!
We install a device that calls or texts your cell phone when buyers finish viewing your home. Therefore, you are not inconvenienced by any showing longer than you have to be.
We have a unique listing sales campaign and comprehensive lead generation program that attracts highly qualified buyers to our featured listings.

Print ads are not very effective for selling real estate. Data complied in 2015, by the National Association of Realtors showed that 43% of buyers reported that their first step in the home buying process was looking online for properties for sale.

We use the largest syndication network to display our listings on over 300 destinations. Below is a graphic that shows a subset of the websites on which Legacy Partners will post and maintain your property information and photos:
I am a premier agent on these sites, the most popular home search websites. This means that I receive every lead for your home instead of another random agent. On Realtor.com, you home will show up as a featured listing at the top of the page when someone searches within your zip code.
Your home will be featured on its own website with its own unique domain name. Buyers will be able to get more of their questions answered and feel more confident in their decision to explore and purchase your home.
We use social media as a non-intrusive way to keep my network apprised of your listing.
Homebuyers driving by your home have the ability to receive property information, photos and schedule an appointment via standard text messaging. Buyers simply send a text message to a unique text messaging code and within seconds they receive a reply. We are also able to capture these buyers and keep them engaged via test message and phone. So much more effective than paper flyers!
Who Works for Whom?
Agent will represent the best interest of the seller

Agent will owe the seller fiduciary duties

Agent must give the buyer all material facts so that the buyer can make an educated decision
Agent will represent the best interest of the buyer

Agent will owe the buyer fiduciary duties

Agent must give the seller all material facts so that the seller can make an educated decision
Agent represents both the buyer and the seller equally

Agent’s objective is to get a mutually satisfactory agreement among all parties

Agent gives all options to the buyer and the seller
Depending on the local market, all parties may be present at contract presentation to negotiate on their own behalf

All parties have confidentiality. Agent may do nothing to the detriment of either the buyer or the seller

Both the buyer and the seller have a right to counsel. Before making any decisions, both parties have the right to seek family, religious, legal, or financial counsel
Benefits of Using an Agent
Time is Money
How much is your time worth? $_________ per hour. If you don’t use a real estate professional, expect to spend at least 100 hours selling your home – assuming there are no problems! Considering your work, family, and personal commitments, is that the best use of your time?
It's a Big Deal
Selling (and buying) a home is a big deal. Most people don’t sell more than two homes in their lifetime, so it’s not something they develop expertise in. There are ever-changing laws, ethical practices and practical considerations that you don’t want to learn on your own through trial and error or relying on a book or information off the Internet. It’s just not worth the risk.
We Can Help!
Our goal is to be an indispensable asset in selling your home sell fast & for top dollar.
What to Expect
Initial Meeting
In our initial meeting, we will discuss your goals, key features of your home, any improvements you may have made and how to make your home more valuable to the average buyer. We will also discuss your market place.
Second Meeting
I also will provide you with a customized Comparable Market Analysis (CMA). The CMA will help you determine how to price your home. Once you list with Legacy Partners Realty, we will immediately start putting a marketing plan into action.
At the time of listing, you will be asked to fill out a Seller Disclosure. A Seller Disclosure is an important consumer protection tool that benefits buyers and sellers alike. It is essentially a written statement listing any known defects as well as any past problems that have been remedied.
At the time of listing, you will be asked to fill out a Seller Disclosure. A Seller Disclosure is an important consumer protection tool that benefits buyers and sellers alike. It is essentially a written statement listing any known defects as well as any past problems that have been remedied.
After You
Receive an Offer
When you receive an offer, you will definitely get excited. However, if the offer is a little low, you may want to counter, and that’s where my negotiating skills come in.
If the buyer counters your counteroffer, I will help you set aside the emotions involved and frame your next move. Often introducing an opportunity other than price can be a winner for you. This may include leaving behind appliances, a flexible or accelerated closing date or other appropriate alternatives.
When you receive an offer, or if more than one offer comes in, you also want to look at how “solid” the offer(s) is. I can help you weigh the offer(s) by pointing out such crucial factors as whether the buyer has a mortgage pre-approval, how much they are putting down, whether they have a home to sell, and so on.
Sometimes, the most emotionally charged negotiating follows the various home inspections that come after the contract is signed. “Who pays for what” is strictly a matter of negotiation and I will help you take a balanced position that is tough enough to protect the home equity you want to walk away with, but has enough cushioning to avoid alienating the buyer and jeopardizing the sale itself.
After you are under contract, I will coordinate inspections and appraisals, help facilitate repair request negotiations and estimates, review settlement statement/HUD-1 prior to closing and attend closing.
Key Points in
Selling a Home
Condition of Home
Follow Up and
Ease of Showing
Six Simple Steps to Sell at Top Dollar
Step 1: Price it Right
Research conducted by the National Association of REALTORS shows that more buyers purchase their properties at fair market value – not above it. The percentage of buyers increases even more when the price drops below fair market value.
The price of your home should be based on the price of sold properties in your area rather than the list price of properties now on the market – this is how we establish your home’s fair market value.
The fair market value of your home is determined by the market – that is, what today’s buyers are willing to pay. Buyers are comparing your home to other homes now on the market. They don't care about what you paid or what you need.
Your home generates the most interest in the real estate community and among potential buyers during the first 30 days it is on the market. If it is not properly priced during this time, we miss out on this peak level of interest:
Step 2: Clean Up
Step 3: Take a Closer Look at Paint and Carpet
Step 4: Make People Want to Come In
Step 5: Provide Easy Access
Step 6: Show it Right
Most people are turned off by even by the smallest amount of uncleanness or odor when buying a home. Sellers lose thousands of dollars because they do no properly clean. Get rid of old items so that your house will appear larger. Odors must be eliminated especially if you have pets, young children in diapers or if someone in your house smokes. You may not notice the smell, but others will!
Paint and carpet are your best improvement investment for getting a greater return on your money. Paint makes the whole house look and smell cleaner. If you home has chipped or faded paint or exposed wood, it is time to paint. If your carpet is worn, dirty, outdated or is an unusual color, you may need to consider replacing it. Many houses do not sell because of this problem. Buyers would rather buy somewhere else than deal with the expense and time associated with new paint and carpet.
Curb appeal keeps people exciting about seeing the inside of your home. We have known people to drive off immediately after seeing the outside of a home. Your front yard reflects the inside condition of your house to a buyer. Make certain that the trees are trimmed so the house can be seen from the street. Have the grass mowed, trimmed and edged. Walkways should be swept. Clean away debris. Remove parked cars.
Top selling agents will not show your home if it is not readily available. Often buyers are working with limited time. Therefore, we ask that you allow a lockbox to be placed on your property. Agents will obtain the code when they call to schedule an appointment to show your home with our Centralized Showing Service Call Center. The center will give you a courtesy call to let you know when someone is going to enter your home.
When you home is being shown, please do the following if possible:
Turn on all lights.
Open all drapes and blinds.
Unlock all interior doors.
Leave your home to let the buyer be at ease and let their agent do their job.
Legacy Gives Back
With the sell of every home, we donate $100 to the Hope Center at Pullen, a non-profit organization that connects young people aging out of foster care in Wake County with the resources and support they need for a successful transition to adulthood.
Easy Exit Guarantee
You may cancel your listing agreement at any time prior to accepting an offer to purchase your home if you feel that we have not done our job as outlined in the listing agreement.

Just call me to discuss your desire to terminate your listing agreement.

We want you to be satisfied with our performance as your Realtor. You do not have to worry about being locked into a long-term commitment if you are not 100% satisfied with the service we provide.

Legacy Partners Realty is committed to providing the highest level of service in the real estate industry. We realize that you are the most important element of our success.
Thank you!
We look forward to helping!
I want you to feel 100% comfortable and confident about the process ahead. I welcome and expect questions.
I will not be able to give you a solid price range for your home until I view it since every home is different. The meeting will also be an opportunity for you to bring up whatever concerns you may have.
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