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06.03 How Do Externalities Affect You

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Morgan Caulder

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of 06.03 How Do Externalities Affect You

06.03 How Do Externalities Affect You
Driving a hybrid or an electric car can put fewer emissions into the air, causing less air pollution. But, it hybrids are also a lot more expensive than cars using fuel.

Public transportation is also offered by the government.
Stop polluting (littering).
Littering can get into water ways and cause many dangers to animals that consume or become tangled in trash. This too can throw off the ecosystem. I don't think that people would disagree with this idea. The government and people work together to get people to stop littering.
Stop using Pesticides
Pesticides can can make their way into water sources such as a rivers, oceans, or ponds. The pesticides could cause hard or even death to the animals in the water or animals that consume the water, which can throw off the ecosystem balance.

Pesticides that go into groundwater can also effect people because the people use the groundwater for drinking and bathing, and this could be very harmful towards people if they were to consume it also.

A lot of people might disagree with this idea because pesticides do their part in preotecting food and crops from harmful insects.
Consider all possible solutions or alternatives.
1. What can we do to address this issue?
-Let the public know the costs of the issue
-Inform the public that that there needs to be action taking place to fix/prevent these issues.

2. What can others do?
-Others can spread the word and let people know what's going on.
-Others can pick up after themselves and clean up litter instead of ignoring it.

3. Are there multiple perspectives on the best way to address the problem? What are they?
-A lot of people think that people need to be more responsible with that they do with their waste and be a lot more careful while some people just don't care.
Calculate the consequences of these solutions—both intended and unintended at all levels of the economy.
-Can cause harm to people
-Harm to animals
-Effects trade between countries
-Businesses could lose money.
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