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Silent to the Bone

No description

mahi alam

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Silent to the Bone

Silent to the Bone
E.L. Konigsburg

What's In?

1. Description of Characters
2. Description of Setting
3. Description of plot
2 Themes of the Book

5.Connections to the Book

6. Reflection
In the book, there are 4 main characters...
Branwell, Connor, Margaret, and Vivian.

These characters will be described by Physical Characteristics, Personality, Likes/Dislikes and other facts about them...
Branwell & Brannie Zamborska
1. Branwell is a
white skinned
boy with
red hair
. He has
blue eyes
and wears
round glasses
. Branwell is a
tall boy
looks like his mom
used to. Connor describes him as a "
" who
walk dropped
2. Branwell expresses his-self
. He is
smart, responsible, unique
straight forward
3. Branwell likes
Nikki, grandparents, dad, Connor, words, and Mozart
. He used to like
4. Branwell has a fear of being
of his secret with Vivian.

Connor Kane
1. Connor is a
white skinned 13 year old
boy like Branwell.
2. Connor is
caring, curious, thoughtful, creative, persistent
3. Connor likes
, however he doesn't like the
ancestors/ Branwell's grandparents
as much.
4. Connor is
determined to solve Branwell's case
By: Mahima
1. Margaret is Connor's step- sister.
2. She is
caring, independent, determined, curious,
3. Margaret likes and admires
. However, she has never shown direct love towards her
after being married to Connor's mother.
4.Margaret is very
because she knows how Branwell could have felt after knowing his father married again.
Vivian & Vivi
1. Vivian is a
young, blonde, slim 21 year old girl
who has
blue eyes
. Vivian was wearing a blue jumper and had her hair in a barrette the day she was invited to be question by Margaret and Connor.
2. She is
sarcastic, creative, independent, smart
self- determined
. Vivian also had a
seductive, confident
3. Vivian likes her
learning career
(barrister) and
4. Vivian wants to
enjoys life alone
and she could
possibly be a escort

There are 5 main settings in the book...
1. Branwell's house- 198 Tower Hill Road.
2. Margaret's house
3. Clarion County Juvenile Behavioral Center
4. Florida- Ancestor's House
5. JJ Pizzas
This took place when Branwell and Connor was 13 years old.
It took 3 weeks before Branwell was released from the Behavioral Center.
Wed.Nov.25-2:45 pm was when the 911 call happened (to report attempt murder upon Nikki).
October 12 - Columbus Day was the day Branwell got kissed by Vivian.

Themes of the Book
The 2 themes of the book described in the following are...

1.Power of Silence
2.Power of Manipulation.
Power of Silence
In the book the theme portrayed is people will use silence as a protection for safety...
In the story Branwell has used his ability to keep silent as a way of keeping his secret of him sharing his embarrassing moment he shared with Vivian. If he had spoken the truth he would have exposed Vivian who would have exposed this uncomfortable truth about how he reacted when he had kissed Vivian in the washroom. This strategy of keeping silent also represents another theme:
Silence could be used as sign-language to let someone specific understand something...
I think that Branwell could have also felt uncomfortable to have to not talk which could have enforced him to use Connors belief of his innocence to find out what the real story behind this incident is.

Power of Manipulation
I think that themes to this motif is: People could use someones, vulnerability to their uses...
Evidence of this is from the book where Vivian uses Branwell's secret of shame against him to make her seem neutral/innocent because she knew he wouldn't reveal her deeds because the event would have to be bought up to support the story.In a way Vivian had the power to manipulate his perspective of the story and her position in the story which is why people thinks she has no part in the incident.
For these two themes there are 3 connections made to each...

Theme 1
Power of Silence
Text to Self
This theme in the text where Branwell uses his power to stay silent to avoid exposing his secret reminds me of my power of silence. A few days earlier, my sister had taken my pencil crayons to work on her school project after taking my permission. I had forgotten this and decided to go to her room after finishing my homework where I had found a mess of pencil crayons. I had gotten mad a decided to complain to my mother who had instead started yelling at me because she thought I was overreacting since I had let her use them. Realizing this, I decided to stay shut as my mom started yelling at me for my habit of making a molehill out of everything. This made me understand my mistake, but I was too egoistic to confess this so I stayed shut to hide my confession like Branwell did to hide his shameful experience. By doing this I let my mom know
that I know I am right and she can't change my opinion
like how Connor understood there is a reason to
investigate behind Branwell's silence.
Text to World
As Branwell uses his power of silence as a protection to keep his secret safe people across the world use this technique as a protection against anything. Recently in the news I saw the many Bangladeshi have been a victim of murder for their wealth in some areas. Many have also witnessed the brutal crimes, but kept silent to protect themselves and their families as there has been death threat by theses criminals to keep their mouth shut.Since these threats are often put in play after informing the authority people believe in their power and use their power of silence to protect themselves. Due to these threats people are slowly being disconnected with the police who can help them like how Connor helped Branwell who also kept his mouth shut in order to keep his veil on. Branwell used silence as protection
for shame.
Text to Text
Cover Up
In another movie I had seen how people cover up their untold by using their power of silence the way Branwell did to enclose his shameful experience. In this movie a politician had been a factor for corruption and murder to gain his wealth and status. However, one day when a reporter had sneakily got the footage of him revealing himself while asking his crew about how much money they robbed from the bank, he had been exposed and had decided to create a drama to cover up his sentence. He had pretended to be paralyzed keeping him silent from the media's question to get him some time to make up a lie, however he eventually got caught. This relates to Branwell's position of having to stay silent in order to protect and cover up a something you don't want people to know, like something
Theme 2
Power of Manipulation
Text to Text
Manipulation of Decision
Power of Manipulation is a theme that reminds me of another book called Hunger Games. In this book there was a part were Katniss had protected Rue since she had saved her as she had been attacked by killer bees. This is why she is thankful and had this had manipulated her decision on having to kill Rue to reach the end to stay alive. However, as Katniss had anticipated to protect Rue, she had been killed by another tribute. This relates to the book because Vivian's knowledge about Branwell's accident had influenced manipulated his decision of either telling the truth which would lead to exposing the incident vs. hiding the truth by keeping silent which would change the story into the truth.
Text to Self
Giving up the Better
Text to World
This theme in the book of being thankful to someone and showing it by favouring them is found across the world. Just recently, there were many garments factories sweat shops revealed. These sweat shops hire vulnerable people who are ready to work in any condition and income available to them. This is an example of when power of manipulation is used in everyday life because the worker are so thankful (because of their desperation to work) to the employees, that they are fine with any wage or work environment given without having to be forced. This is very similar to Branwell and Vivian's relationship since there too Branwell had been so thankful to Vivian for not "spilling the beans"
that he was ready to defend her so that
she would save her.
The theme of the book where Vivian has used his weakness as her strength to gain a neutral position in this incident reminds me of how I was a victim of manipulation. Once when my sister and I had been painting at home for the fun of it, I had spilled a dazzle of paint on our carpet. Which is when my sister and I had covered it up my sifting the carpet aside, under the couch. The next day, we were short on grocery and had to chose between one of us eating a bagel and the other eating milk and cereal. Both, of us were a bigger fan of bagel compared to milk and cereal. However, it seemed that I had given my chance of the bagel to her since I had a fear of her exposing my secret to my parent who would have raged at me. This is a small example of what happened to Branwell; both Branwell and I had decided to "butter/save" the manipulator since we had a fear of being exposed and by favouring them we
had lessen our chance of being exposed. If
Branwell had not kept silent saving Vivian
she would have told everyone about
the humiliating coincidence.
Rising Action
1. 911 call where Branwell first becomes silent as
he talks to the operator when he is first reporting to send Nikki an ambulance after she is found unconcious.
2. Branwell is accused of dropping he baby and is sent to juvenile jail.
3. Connor finds that he can communicate with Branwell by spelling words out.
4. Branwell spells out to Connor to talk to the ancestors, Margaret, Vivian and Morris one by one and finds that Morris was with Vivian that day who was not being a good babysitter.
5. Vivian has been fired from being a babysitter
after knowing this.
Branwell opens his mouth to tell Connor the last piece of information:
which is why he is silent. He says he is silent to cover up his shameful reaction during an event that happened while Vivian had kissed him. He kept shut to keep Vivian shut, since this incident would have to be bought up if the whole story were to be told.
Falling Action
1.Branwell is released.
2. Branwell doesn't want to go home until Nikki doesn't come back recovered, so he stays at Margret's house.
3. Nikki recovers: Brawell's father and Step mother comes to take Branwell home along with Nikki.
The conflict of the book is Branwell is too ashamed to talk and exposed what happened to Nikki because that would lead to him revealing his secret.
The solution is Connor investigated about how Nikki has been hurt and Branwell ends up telling Connor why he has become silent ever since the 911 call.
Connor asks Branwell to help or give him clues to find the last piece of information to put the whole story together.
Overall this I would rate this book a 4/5 because one of the main events that would help the reader understand the book which is when Vivian had seduced Branwell wasn't as clearly described so it may be harder for some people to clearly understand, however this book had a creative plot which is why I would greatly recommend this book.


I hope you enjoyed the prezi.
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