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Biochemistry Task 208.5.6-01-05

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Elizabeth Simmons

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Biochemistry Task 208.5.6-01-05

Lipids Role of FATS in the body Roll Of fatty acids on the body So we know about saturated
and unsaturated fats and that
unsaturated are ESSENTIAL: so what about people on NO FAT DIETS? Elizabeth Faith Simmons Lipids and energy... Saturated fatty acids vs
unsaturated fatty acids Well, what is an example of a lipid?? Fats and oils are types of lipids and are called TRIGLYCERIDES What do triglycerides do? Triglycerides serve as ENERGY STORAGE MOLECULES. Bonds are broken to use that energy that is stored in them Fats are SOLID at room temp Oils are LIQUID at room temp 1: Saturated Fat A saturated fatty acid is saturated with hydrogen

Saturated fats are SOLID at room temp Chemical structure of saturated fatty acid has:

ALL carbons in the chain fully saturated with HYDROGEN 2:unsaturated Fatty acid Unsaturated Fats have DOUBLE BONDS There are fewer hydrogen bonds Liquid at room temp What are the 2 types of
fatty acids? What is the importance of fatty acids in the body?? Remember that unsaturated fatty acids have a double bonds? Our body can not make double bonds, but our body needs them. Unsaturated fats through the diet provide those double bonds that our cells need. Well...what are 2 examples of some unsaturated fatty acids?? 1: Peanut butter with the oil separated on top of the jar. That is the unsaturated part of this fatty acid. If there is not a layer of oil on the peanut butter than it is not an unsaturated fat.
2: olive oil and other oils Have you ever heard of the fluid mosaic model? The fluid mosaic model is a model of the cell membrane. The cell membrane is very fluid: meaning that
it is like a sea with the proteins imbedded into it, like buoys http://mabrycampbell.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/orange-sea-buoys.jpg?w=1024&h=682 Here is a diagram that I have drawn to illustrate the fluid mosaic model: Fats are necessary for cell life! Chemically, our bodies do not make double bonds on their own, we NEED the ESSENTIAL unsaturated Fatty Acids to have LIFE! (CVD= cardiovascular disease) References:
Egert, S., & Kratz, M., & Kannenburg, F., & Fobker, M., & Wahrburg, U. (2011). Effects of high-fat and low-fat diets rich in monounsaturated fatty acids on serum lipids, LDL size and indices of lipid peroxidation in healthy non-obese men and women when consumed under controlled conditions, 72, 71-79.
Lunn, J., & Theobald, H.E. (2006) The health effects of dietary unsaturated fatty acids, 186, 178-224.
Rahsaz, J. Thinkwell the next generation textbook. Retrieved from http://wgu.thinkwell.com/students/index.cfm References in proper format attached in word document. Task 208.5.6-01-05
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