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International Illicit Drug Trade

No description

Priyanka Sharma

on 27 March 2016

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Transcript of International Illicit Drug Trade

International Illicit Drug Trade
Priyanka Sharma
Production, supply and distribution of drugs
Outsourcing to save money and outrun the law
Gateway crime to counterfeit goods, human and sex trafficking and money laundering
Occurs when an opportunity arises and a criminal organisation has enough motivation to do so
International deals are hard to track
Usually a stepping stone from local level criminal activity
Concealed goods
Legal jurisdiction (Cayman Islands, Sierra Leone)
Colombian mafia hold the cocain market
Shady deals done in person
Corrupt border security and police
Very secretive
Privately funded
Shipments done with private planes and ships
Constantly changing routine
What more?
Can hurt the community, but also funds some of the poor
International law, the International Criminal Court and the best interest of the nation
Global corporation is needed to combat drugs
Points for further research
Different methods and ideologies behind drug trade and justice
Social, economical and global implications
Political and legal capacities for combating drugs
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