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Montasia's Journey

No description

Montasia Bullock

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Montasia's Journey

I have three siblings. I have a 19 year old brother named D.J. I have a 10 year old brother named Shamon. I also have a one year old brother named Elijah.
After High School
After high school I plan to attend college.

I'm not yet sure which school I want to go too yet.

I want to do something in the medical field.

I might go to Vance Granville and get two nursing degrees and they have a program the will send me to A&T once I get those two degrees there. A&T is where I would get my master's in nursing.

My other option is attending Watts Nursing School. That is actually at Duke Regional Hospital. I would be attending school in a hands on environment. It would be like working and going to school in the same place.
Montasia's Journey
Where It All Began
My name is Montasia Sha'wun Bullock.

I was born on December 20th 1996 at Maria Parham Hospital.

My mother's name is Tanganeka & my father's name is Dwane.

I made my mother's second child.

She has had two more kids since me but I am the only girl.
I attened Pinkston Street Elementary, Dabney Elementary, Aycock Elementary School, Henderson Middle School, and I currently attend Southern Vance High School.

I attended Pinkston Street for pre-k and kindergarden.

I attended Dabney Elementary 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th grade.

I attended Aycock Elementary for 3rd grade.

Henderson Middle was were I went all throughout middle school.

I've been at Southern Vance since 9th grade and I am a junior now.
Things I like to Do
Watch Spongebob
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