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Week 6 Lesson 2: The Yanan Period 1935-47

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Liam Brooks

on 1 August 2017

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Transcript of Week 6 Lesson 2: The Yanan Period 1935-47

 Week 6 Lesson 2: The Yanan Period (1935-47)
The Yanan Period 1935-47
*** From 3:55 till 8:25
 Week 6 Lesson 2: The Yanan Soviet

LI: To understand the key features of the Yanan Period (1935-47)

SC: Students will be able to explain how the Yan’an Period contributed to the development of revolution, focusing on:
The Yanan Way/Yanan Spirit (to what extent was it a myth?)
The development of Maoism
The darker side of Mao's leadership

Entry activity: Quizlet races for key events in Unit 4 AOS 1: China - Causes of revolution

Things to focus on:
Respite after the Long March
Development of 'Yanan Spirit' (how much was myth?)
Development of Maoism

1935: End of Long March
1947: Fall of Yanan Soviet at hands of GMD in the Chinese Civil War (temporarily)
Yanan a paradise?
Harsh environment, economically underdeveloped, poverty, cave dwellings, illiteracy.
The dichotomy of Yanan...
The 'Yanan Way/Yanan Spirit'
The dichotomy of Yanan...
The dark side of the Yanan period...
Exam-style paragraph answer on the Yanan period
Explain the importance of revolutionary ideas developed during the Yanan period of 1937-47 which led to a revolutionary situation in China in 1949.
Doing an exam-style paragraph answer
Using three or more points, explain how the Yanan period consolidated the Chinese Communist Party.
1. Working individually.
2. Follow the recommended structure to answer this question.
3. Answer in the exam-style space provided.
4. We will have thirty minutes.
Keep an eye out for:
Thematic structuring
References to events/popular movements/significant individuals/significant ideas


Back in the day: Russia AOS 1
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