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Endangered & Invasive species

No description

Jayda Holcroft

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of Endangered & Invasive species

The Loggerhead Turtle and The Lion Fish
The Loggerhead Turtle
Lion fish are venomous carnivores that roam warm marine waters in the tropics. A lion fish is usually one foot long and usually lives for only fifteen years. Lion fish have started to reproduce quickly and spread around throughout different waters. This is bad because they don't have very many predators due to their poisonous little dorsal fins. A sting from a lion fish is extremely painful for a human, but usually is not fatal. Many Americans are becoming worried for their sea life, because of this venomous creature roaming the coral reefs.
The Lion Fish
Where are the Loggerhead Turtles Located?
Fun Facts
Endangered & Invasive Species
By Jayda
The Loggerhead Turtle is a endangered species, even though they are the most abundant type of marine turtle. Problems such as over population, shrimp trawling, and mishaps in their nesting areas, affect the Loggerhead's life and habitat. Loggerhead Turtles usually live more than fifty years and grow up to be thirty-six inches. Loggerheads are carnivores and usually eat jellyfish, conchs, crabs and sometimes fish.
Loggerhead Turtles can be found in tropical and subtropical waters, in search of good weather and food. The highest population of Loggerheads are found in North America on barrier islands such as North California and the Florida Keys.
A female Loggerhead Turtle generally nests every two to three years and lays four times in only one nesting season.
Turtles are reptiles and records have proved that turtles lived 200 million years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.
How can you protect the turtles?

* Keep the beaches clean, as well as the water.

*If you are using a net, make sure that you don't accidentally catch other animals

*If you see a marked off nesting area, stay clear of it

*When boating watch out for any sea turtles swimming in the area, as well as any other sea creatures
Lion Fish
Female lion fish lay 2,000 to 15,000 eggs, that then hatch in only two days.
The main prey of a lion fish are crabs, shrimp and fish.
Lion fish have very flexible bodies
that can be camouflaged easily.
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