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Women in STEM

No description

Dana Francisco

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Women in STEM

Women are underrepresented in these professions due to:
-lack of female role models within STEM
- gender stereotypes
-unaccommodating schedules
-wage discrepancies
Recent Legislative Action

H.R.4833- Women and Minorities in STEM Booster Act of 2014 (latest action: 7/15/14)

Purpose: To increase participation of historically underrepresented demographic groups in STEM industry.

H.R. 3690 STEM Gateways Act (latest action: 1/22/14)
Purpose: To increase participation of minorities in STEM fields to pursue STEM career options.
Speak Up!
Women in STEM
science technology engineering mathematics
Key Issues
People Most Affected:
Women currently working in the STEM field.
Interest groups:
Feminist Majority Political Action Committee; National Organization for Women; Women Employed, etc.
Political Parties:
Both sides show support in increasing the number of women in the STEM field.
President Obama & Title IV.
The Equal Partnerships Fund.
Others interested:
American public
H.R. 5527- Promoting Women in Entrepreneurship Act (introduced: 9/18/14)
Purpose: Authorize National Science Foundation (NSF) to support entrepreneurial programs for women.
H.R. 5165- Advancing Girls in STEM Act of 2014 (latest action: 7/22/14)

Purpose: Establish grant program within the Department of Education to promote involvement of female students in the STEM fields.
H.R. 4973- STEM for STEM Act (introduced: 6/25/14)

Purpose: To improve the United States’ STEM education by making resources more accessible to students across all demographics and by enabling teachers to have access to professional development opportunities in STEM that provide strategies for integrating STEM education.
Equal Rights Amendment
of 1972
Section 1: "Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex"
Public Opinion
women fare worse in STEM fields due to an underlying social stigma against their capabilities
Discrimination can come from:
May occur throughout:
Job Searching
women fare worse in STEM fields due to measurable differences in their capabilities compared to men
Less Interest
Lesser spatial processing skills
Unsuited for STEM work
it is unlikely that events will proceed without the introduction of further measures to improve the treatment of women in STEM fields.
In the future key issues will likely be:
the continuation of a wage gap
discrimination in the workforce
discouragement from others
Policy Initiatives
Policies promoting women's participation in STEM fields are likely to continue to be attempted by the White House as well as non-profits such as Million Women Mentors, and the STEMinists
Factors that affect how
this issue moves forward?
The continued push for Acts like H.R. 3960 STEM Gateways Act will promote the involvement and careers for women.
Strong gender stereotypes can also discourage women from pursuing STEM education and STEM jobs.
We need to encourage and support women who wish to follow these STEM professions because they present a great opportunity for growth of American competitiveness, innovation, and jobs of the future.
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