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Banking Service

No description

Annamaria Acs

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Banking Service

Banking service sector Annamária Ács
Bálint Bertók
Gürhan Özkan
Dániel Papp
Julianna Szigyártó Agenda: Industry Service nature Distribution Pricing Consumer touch-points Conclusion Thank you for your attention! IF you have any question please feel free to ask! Banking Industry Service Nature of Banking Distribution Channels Pricing Consumer touch points Banking is a fundamental service Product Service Core Product:
keep money safe with interest, allow withdrawals, investment services,
provide loans Facilitating services: Activities Players in Hungary - Information providing
- Account maintance
- Debit/credit cards
- Payment methods Bank Types in Hungary Big Bank Brands Local International Enhancing services - Consultation
- Online banking /e-banking (digital banking)
- Online transfers
- Mobile banking
- Range of Investments - safety, risky
- Conditions for students/ student bank account
- Effective HR
- Product innovation
- Exchange of money / foreign currency account
-Corporate banking, retail and private banking Kinizsi Bank AXA Banco
Popolare BNP
Paribas Budapest
Bank Cetelem CIB Citi Bank Commerzbank Deutsche
Bank Erste Credigen
Bank Hanwha
Bank Kinizsi
Bank K&H MKB Oberbank OTP Raiffeisen UniCredit Volksbank Quaestor Sopron
Burgenland Oney USP of banks Hungarian
Large network system Expensive banking
Only digital money
Free - account maintance, online banking, transfer (used to)
Interest rate stick to the national bank prime rate - 1,75 % Branding (Name of the Bank)
Part of GE - credibility How Banks Deliver Their Services to Customers 1. Branches
2. ATMs
3. Phone Banking
4. Internet Banking
5. Mobile Banking According to a survey conducted by Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group Source: http://www.cisco.com/web/about/ac79/docs/Cisco-IBSG-Omnichannel-Study.pdf 1. Branches Branch banking means engaging in banking activities at a location that is separate from the bank's central business location.
To perform transactions, a human clerk is needed.
Most of the services offered at a large bank can be
completed at a branch banking location. Bank Branch Location Selection Criterias for selection
- Demographic
- Socio-economic
- Sectoral employment
- Banking
- Trade potential Source: Çınar Nihan, A Decision Support Model for Bank Branch Location Selection, International Journal of Human and Social Sciences 5:13, 2010 2. ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) In general, ATMs are used for
Cash withdrawals
Depositing money
Paying credit card debt, bills and third parties
Money transfer
Selling or buying funds, foreign currencies
Topping up mobile credit
Updating operations (Password, phone number) Off-set ATM Location Selection Traffic statistics
Location popularity
Nearest bank ATM
Leasing space issues / costs
Threat scale for vandalism or crime
Brand Management (Exposure)
Competition Factor 3. Internet Banking Through using multi-channel system - i.e. using several methods such as References 1.youtube.com/watch?v=d3mfkD6Ky5o
7.http://www.destinationcrm.com/Articles/Editorial/Magazine-Features/The-6-Most-Overlooked-Customer-Touch-Points-43348.aspx Refers to the banking services provided by the banks over the internet. ICBC HSBC Holdings Citigroup Examples of services provided Gránit
bank Why internet banking? 1. Convenient
2. 24x7 available
3. Efficient
4. Safe 4. Phone Banking Refers to services provided
by banks over the telephone
Telephone banking times can be
- Longer than branch opening times
- 24 hour
Services: Obtaining account balances and list of latest transactions, electronic bill payments, and funds transfers between accounts. Hungrian
Co-operation Hungarian Savings Co-operation http://www.eil.hu/extras/image/erste_image.mpg 5. Mobile Banking Interest on
loan Interest paid by bank Account
maintance fee Transaction
fee (tax based) ATM
cash withdrawal Commissions Debt/Credit
Card Banking is all about money! Revenue generation DISCOUNTS Reduces interest rate on loans,
mortages Mortages Special offers for students free ATM Free or low cost
for account maintance Free transactions High interest
on deposit Morgen
Stanley FHB Bank DRB Bank DRB
1. Retail Banks
2. Commercial banks

3. Cooperative banks
4. Investment Banks
5. Central banks Types Opening account
fee Online banking 'Kiemelt nulla' account Account maintance fee: 0 Commission/other fee: ~150/month Transaction: 0,2% withdrawal: 0,3% 'Net' account Account maintance fee: 499/month Commission/other fee: 0/month Transaction: 0,2% withdrawal: 61 HUF + 0,88% NO transaction tax on
transactions! 'Kamathozó' Account maintance fee: 0 Commission/other fee: ~150/month Transaction: 0,2% withdrawal: 350 NO transaction tax on
transactions! No ATM Financial services Issuing money Deposits and loans Savings Investments Banks operates under strict regulations ! Deposit boxes 8.http://www.technofunc.com/index.php/domain-knowledge/banking-domain/item/type-of-banks
11. http://www.economywatch.com/banks/commercial-banks/europe-and-central-asia/hungary-banks.html
12. http://www.cisco.com/web/about/ac79/docs/Cisco-IBSG-Omnichannel-Study.pdf
13. Çınar Nihan, A Decision Support Model for Bank Branch
Location Selection, International Journal of Human
and Social Sciences 5:13, 2010
14. youtube.com/watch?v=xHVktbidzeM Banks are a subset of the financial industry. Depit, Credit card http://youtu.be/d3mfkD6Ky5o?t=25m30s What is mobile banking? a. public b. private Physical buildings
Physical print-outs
Self-service machines
Word of mouth
Customer assistants
Telephone assistance
Events, offerings
Sponsoring Why are touchpoints important for banks? The sum of all experiences from touch-point interactions colors their opinion of the bank. “Design for experiences that happen over time and across different touchpoints” (ServiceDesign.org). Service Provider Customer Six primary customer touch points Reference management

Field service intelligence

Workflow management Sales quoting

Customer segmentation

Billing Integrated Channel
Management Tool Mobile Banking “here and now”
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