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Deserted Island Scenario

Law Culminating

Waverly Neufeld

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Deserted Island Scenario

System of Government
The system of government established on Cocoa Island is democratic with one chosen leader. The islanders vote candidates and come to a conclusion on who will govern the island for the entire time on the island. The leader passes laws and resolves arguments.
Laws and Punishments
1) Food and water rations are equal to every citizen of Cocoa Island, anyone who takes more will be denied access to food or water the following day
Trial Procedures
On top of all punishments, suspects will be put on watch by guards and security until full investigation is complete. Trials will also be held, all members of Cocoa Island are innocent until proven guilty. If guilty criminal will be put in jail. The leader of the island acts as judge and has power over all to determine if the suspect is guilty or innocent with evidence.
Laws and Punishments Continued
5) No person shall go outside of known territory without permission by leader, anyone who is caught in out of bounds of the island will be put in the Cocoa Island jail for one week time.

6)No stealing food and water rations or any personal belongings, those caught with theft will be put in jail with no food or water for 3 days

7)Different work segregation are not to trade jobs once assigned a j0b, if caught doing a different job than what was originally assigned to you, it will result in being isolated from all islanders for one day

8) Must work 6 days a week unless physically ill, if one does not complete 6 full days of work within a week food ration will be cut in half for the next week
The History of Cocoa Island
The inhabitants of Cocoa Island are referred to as coco-nuts. From undergoing the tragedy, it resulted in many people going insane, thus the name coco-nuts was born. The main export of Cocoa Island is cocoa. There is a reservoir to drink from and clean and the island is filled with coconuts and pineapples.
Desert Island Scenario
Waverly Neufeld
Although a democratic government was decided to be the most efficient way to rule Cocoa Island, as it promotes equality and keeps the citizens active members of the island, there are a few disadvantages. Some include that democracy is very time consuming and it takes long period of time to finalize a decision. Also it is not very efficient as ballets have to counted and volunteers are needed for voting day. Sometimes islanders make the wrong choice but because majority rules the leader must follow through with the decision even though it is not beneficial for the island or the islanders.
2)Disposal of waste is to be in designated waste removal areas only, any persons who disposes waste improperly, will be put on look out duty for the following day
3) No killing or deliberately harming other islanders, if found guilty of this the same act one did will be done to them eg if one breaks ones arm then their arm will too be broken
4) No hunting after working hours, if broken all hunting rights will be taken away
Laws and Punishments Continued
9) Whenever an inhabitant on Cocoa Island discovers must be given to leader, if information of discovery is not told to leader one will thrown into Cocoa Island jail with no food or water ration for 3 days

10) All citizens must stay in their own shelter throughout the night, any islander who is caught outside the hut during the night will have their hut taken away
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