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Invita Training Day #3

No description

Amy Jauman

on 22 September 2017

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Transcript of Invita Training Day #3

Project and Community Management

Project Management
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Action Plan
Delegate and Collaborate
Action Plan
Develop a daily action plan to ensure a disciplined approach to social media activities
Monitor social media channels
Delegate activities to partners, or other team members with skill-sets that are applicable to the task at hand
Designate who will be participating in company social media interactions
Approach and solve your social media challenges objectively
Maintain social media platforms
Adjust activities in response to competition
Maintain online "cleanliness"
Gather data from tools for performance metrics
Community Management
Engage with Your Audience
How do companies encourage their current or future customers to engage?
Recognize the accomplishments of people in your network!
What kinds of things (big or small) might you share or talk about?
In Pairs,
Find an example of an organization that engages with their audience on Instagram.
What comments do they respond to?
What kinds of things to they say?
How would you respond to the following comments?
I love your product!
I'm really disappointed in your product.
I have a question about your product.
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