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Solar System Baby Pictures


Gene Gordon

on 1 December 2011

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Transcript of Solar System Baby Pictures

The Solar System Family Album
(Baby Pictures)
Most Photos taken from The Astronomy Picture of the Day Website
In the beginning...
there was a cloud of gas and dust
and then...
Something Happens
Like what?
Galaxy collision?
This causes the cloud to rotate
The only thing holding the cloud together is...
But something else happens:
Things bunch up and collide within the cloud.
These collisions cause several things to happen within the cloud.
Collisions cause the particles' temps to rise
And particles start clumping
becoming bigger particles, which have....?
More gravity!
Which means?
The cloud gets smaller and more dense.
More Collisions
something else happens during this...
As the cloud shrinks,
it's rotation increases.
which causes...
More Collisions
with More VIOLENCE
Which means?
and so on ...
Oh and something else happens.
(show cool demo)

And so we now have a small flat disk-shaped cloud of gas,dust and particles.
Some of the particles are large and clear paths through the cloud.
All are revolving around a massive clump(s?) in the center of the cloud.
Gravity causes everything to shrink and heat up

Oh not again
Yup. back to the beginning again...
And if the center mass isn't massive enough...
That Hot clump just cools down forever...
This clump is called a brown dwarf
It never quite became a "star."
BUT, if it is big enough...
The gravity of the clump will compress its core until the Hydrogen starts reacting with its own kind.
It's actually a little more complicated than this...
H + H
which is kinda like saying:
1+1 = 1.8
The new way of looking at things was:
H + H
He + Energy + (a few particles)
Temp in the core skyrockets
The core swells until gravity from outside matter causes it to stop expanding.
It has reached hydrostatic equilibrium.

But the energy from the fusion still "leaks out" in the form of Electromagnetic waves - which we call Light.
A Star is Born!
But wait- what about the other gas, dust and particles in the cloud?
Between the new solar wind and collisions with larger particles, most of the cloud is absorbed by large clumps or is blown away from the new star.
The solar wind is stronger close to the star so lighter gases that are close to the star are blown away into the outer parts of the cloud away from the heat of the star,where they slowly freeze.
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