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Holly's fourth grade momories

No description

Mike Graham

on 31 May 2016

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Transcript of Holly's fourth grade momories

1: People call Michael Miguel Forest
1: I got to talk to all of my friends.
I missed the Ohio Caverns
Random Memories
Holly's fourth grade memories
Party Memories
2: Mr. Graham forgot how to put on a hat.
3: We made glow in the dark slime.
people talking
Glow in the dark slime
2: Someone drawing Ickle the pickle
3: Mr. Graham says Libary instead of Library
Run Miguel Forest
Ickle is back
Oh Mighty
Crystal King
Dipped Candles at the Allen County Farm Park
Dippin' Candles
Ate A Donut At Kewpee
Home of the Awesome
1: The group work
2: The timelines of life
3: The animal adaptations
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