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Copy of Engaging the 21st century virtual learner

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Brandi Maynard

on 20 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Engaging the 21st century virtual learner

Engaging the 21st Century
Gifted Learner
Dr. Brandi Maynard www.giftedresources.com The Responsibilities of
their teachers and parents Ally It is the right of a gifted child to be idealistic and sensitive to fairness, justice, accuracy, and the global problems facing humankind and to have a forum for expressing these concerns.
It is the right of a gifted child to be grouped and interact with other gifted children for some part of their learning experience so that they may be understood, engaged, and challenged. Ally Edmodo helps gifted children find intellectual peers (students or teachers can create these groups)
Edmodo is an excellent platform for clubs
Edmodo provides an audience for student work
Microblogging in the classroom
Blogging --Podcasting --Vidcasting

Twitter is a gateway to other sites and can be used to follow authors, academics, and other interesting people. Autonomy It is the right of a gifted child to engage in appropriate educational experiences even when other children of that grade level or age are unable to profit from the experience. http://www.edmodo.com http://www.twitter.com Ted talks can be used to inspire and create a springboard for further learning
Connect with the speakers—this might be the start of a beautiful relationship Aggregate It is the right of a gifted child to be taught rather than to be used as a tutor or a teaching assistant.
It is the right of a gifted child to be presented with new, advanced, and challenging ideas and concepts regardless of the materials and resources that have been designated for the age group or grade level.
It is the right of a gifted child to be taught concepts that the child does not yet know instead of relearning old concepts that the child has mastered.
It is the right of a gifted child to learn faster than age peers and to have that pace of learning respected and provided for. Aggregate Take students on impossible field trips--inside the human body, or off to Jupiter
Expose students to cultures around the globe, to meet new people and hear their ideas
Show experiments that can't be done in class
Bring great literature, plays, music, or important scenes from history into the room
Engage students in problem-solving and investigative activities
Help students find an worldwide audience for their products
Flip the classroom
Access higher level content when students are ready Architect It is the right of a gifted child to think in alternative ways, produce diverse products and to bring intuition and innovation to the learning experience. Architect Lodge's music provides a creative avenue for students to understand high level content.
Students can create videos or slide videos to demonstrate their learning.
One take video production.
Students need tools to help them balance asynchronous (uneven) development. Tell us your ideas Let's explore together What questions do you have?
Dr. Brandi Maynard
www.giftedresources.com http://teachertube.com http://www.youtube.com http://www.khanacademy.org http://www.iamlodge.com/beans/?p=116 http://www.prezi.com http://www.wordle.net http://www.ted.com/ http://ed.ted.com/ 3 2 3 3 2 1. Go to www.edmodo.com
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Join the group Little Miss Olivia Ally Adaptable Aggregator Architect Autonomy a1r1yb http://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/wordle/1746916/?s=cf3H5M&ref=app http://www.safeshare.tv/w/RbgzyOFNRB Autonomy
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