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The NiCE project and the Green Digital Charter

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Transcript of The NiCE project and the Green Digital Charter

The NiCE project Networking intelligent Cities
for Energy Efficiency NiCE details Funded by the
FP7 programme of the European Commission Clicks and Links Led by
EUROCITIES in consortium with the City of Manchester the Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development Started: September 2011
Ends: February 2013
Duration: 30 months Project aim The Green Digital Charter commits cities to reducing emissions through Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 3 tangible commitments: Promote and avance implementation of the commitments of the Green Digital Charter promoting progress in tackling climate change through the innovative use of digital technologies in cities 1 Work with Green Digital Charter signatories on ICT & Energy Efficiency 2 Deploy five large-scale ICT pilots per city addressing the above areas within 5 years 3 Decrease ICT’s direct carbon footprint per city by 30% within 10 years GDC signatories signed by more than 25 large European cities around 20 more
interested in signing GDC framework and tools City support
and action Outreach
engagement establishing a replicable framework for classifying, measuring and reporting on city actions on ICT and Energy Efficiency Objective providing cities with a comprehensive range of support to help progress actions based on the GDC Objective developing wider synergies with key stakeholders and initiatives Activities Targeted exchange and learning activities
study tours - visiting leading cities in the field of ICT/EE
5 technical trainings Activities 3 reporting tools:
1. GDC implementation
2. ICT carbon footprint
3. GDC-CoM reporting
Action tools

Iterative process
evaluation and feedback loops Networking and visibility events:
3 roadshows hosted by GDC signatories
collaboration with the Covenant of Mayors
Special focus: engagement with Chinese cities Project structure Activities 4 NiCE consortium partners
2 advisory groups
Chinese cities - City of Yantai
GDC signatories and potential signatory cities
Third parties Project actors Advisory groups Reference Cities Group Expert Advisory Board composed of a representative mix of cities
5 European cities:
Bologna, IT
Eindhoven, NL
Linkoping, SE
Manchester, UK
Will test the tools developed and evaluate NiCE support activities Reference Cities Group Serve as feedback loop
Complementary technical, scientific and business background
Ensure widest possible quality, credibility and level of independent technical review for NiCE

Dr Jessen Page, Austrian Institute of Technology
Molly Webb, the Climate Group
Nicola Villa, Cisco
Claus Barthel, Wupperthal Institute
Dennis Pamlin, sustainability consultant Expert Advisory Board Objective Activities Which benefits from NiCE? GDC signatories Benefit from free technical trainings
Travel & accommodation for 1 person/city reimbursed up to 600Eur/Person
Benefit from free study tours
Travel and Accommodation for 1 person/city reimbursed up to 600Eur/Person
Host a study tour
Technical support by project staff, no financial contribution
Call open until 30th April 2012 - see website/news
Host one of 3 Green Digital Charter roadshows
5500Eur support per roadshow for hosting costs
Call open until 15th June - see website/news
Use the final reporting & action tools to progress on Green Digital Charter commitments All cities Which benefits from NiCE? How to become GDC signatories? Benefit from technical training, Green Digital Charter roadshows and other events
Use the final reporting & action tools to monitor and structure city activities
Contribute to the creation of case studies and a knowledge library on Energy Efficiency & ICT in cities
Contribute to the outreach of the project and the Green Digital Charter, by disseminating information at relevant national & local event 1. The city organises a signing ceremony at the local level
2. The city provides EUROCITIES with:
A scanned copy of the signed and dated Green Digital Charter;
Photos of the local event, ideally showing the signature moment;
A written statement by the politician responsible.
3. The city is included in the public list of Green Digital Charter signatories Focus on Chinese cities Cooperation with Yantai China is actually involved in a wide range of European projects, mainly focussing on technological innovation
Yantai will be in charge of organising workshops in China to promote best practices in the fields of ICT and Energy Efficiency
Aim: establishing a collaborative network of Chinese cities and thus exchange experiences and knowledge at international scale GDC contact point
info@greendigitalcharter.eu www.greendigitalcharter.eu more information? NiCE project coordinator
Giulia Campodonico, EUROCITIES
+32 (0)2 552 08 46
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