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Summercore began in 1982

From skepticism to usage enthusiasm! (Steve Bergen)

Steve Bergen

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Summercore began in 1982

Summercore began in 1982
1985: I remember visiting a colleague and friend Alan Epstein in his office and he was using a mouse. I said to him "why would anyone need that except if you were a graphic artist?"
1989: I remember telling
people at Summercore that networking was not a high priority and having computers physically connected by cables was not a priority!
1980: I had one child and refused to use my dishwasher. I wanted to store books in it.
1994: The web was young and we had to hire two teenagers to set up one computer in the corner of Summercore to introduce people to the web!
1998: At a school in Massachusetts
we added 150 ethernet drops in 30
new classrooms @ $200 a piece instead of
anticipating that we would be a "wireless school"
in a few years!
2011: I visited Flex Academy
in San Francisco, a charter school
chain that delivers education via

Here is ONE of the firST PEOPLE tO SIGN UP FOR
2006: I resisted the need to revise the Summercore curriculum to evolve and emphasize Web w2.0 applications.
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