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The Blue Whale

No description

Kate Turman

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of The Blue Whale

Speacial thanks to~
The Blue Whale
Derick Bellange, Hadley Capshaw, Cabot Stone, Katherine Turman, and Bryant Suarez

*It's skin feels smooth, firm and warm
Blue Whales
These animals can live in diffrent temperatures of the world's oceans (cold or warm). Some Blue Whales live in the Northern Pacific and Atlantic oceans.
Fun facts
Ways to save the
Blue Whale
These are some ways to save the Blue Whale
Stop using Blue Whales as a food source
Don't support Whaling (hunting whales)
Make posters about helping the Whales to let people know what's happening
This is a Presentation by:
Blue Whales can sometimes weigh up to 200 tons.
They can eat up to 4 tones of krill a day.
A blue whale's baby is called a calf
Their scientific name is` Balaenoptera Musculus.
Blue whales are baleen whales which means
they have thick bristles for teeth, unlike human teeth.
They are the largest animal on earth.
Calfs drink 100 gallons of their mother's milk.

*Blue Whales have a small triangular dorsal fin and
flippers used for steering. They are very short compared to the rest of the body
*Grow over 100 ft. long/ Weigh 150 tons

*Blue Wales do not have any teeth, they rely on its baleen plates to capture prey.

Those plates have bristles attached to them that act
like a NET which allows them to capture its prey more easily
*Color is greyish blue.
There are roughly 1.7 million whales left in the whole world!
This prezi is about how Blue Whales are one of the largest endangered mammals alive and how we can to save them.
All of these pictures ARE labled for reuse and modificantion!
These whales are endangered for many reasons, the most deadly reason is, illegal whale hunting!

Blue Whales' migrate in the summer and winter. They travel in the summer to northern cold waters to give birth and breed. In the winter they go to warm southern waters to eat.
To all the sources and
To all the parents who helped We are very happy that you could take a break from work to come to see us, and a huge thanks to Mr. Maher for being a great teacher.

Without you guys it couldn't be done, so get the word out!
Behavior and Communication
Cabot & Bryant
Blue whales often travel alone or in small groups
They communicate using loud low pitched moans and whines that can be heard many miles away.
While searching for prey deep in the ocean whales can hold there breath for up to 35 minutes!
Other reasons are pollution, global warming and of course us! Humans! We trap, crash and KILL these animals!!!
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