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Innovation & Social Media Defined

No description

Roseanna Abu Ghazaleh

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Innovation & Social Media Defined

Innovation & Social Media Defined Innovation It is the process of research, development, demonstration and deployment of a new or improved technology. It is introducing an invention that improves a product or a service, and offering it to the public. Social Media A type of online media that initiates conversation and allows users to create and/or share content. It allows users to share Ideas Information Reviews Ratings Photos Music Videos as opposed to traditional media which only delivers content but doesn't allow users to participate. Social media creates new opportunities to communicate with people and share content with them. Interpersonal communication can be much easier and faster through social media networks sometimes. News can reach the audience quicker through social media networks than it would throught newpapers/TV. Advertising can reach a wider audience through global social media than it would through other local media.
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