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Racism in the Late 1950's in the U.S

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Yanik Dijkstra

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Racism in the Late 1950's in the U.S

Racism in the U.S in the late 1950's Introduction Racism is the belief that a race such as African-American is much different to another (white people).
Those people believe that they do not belong with them and that they should not live in the same lifestyle as theirs.
They believe that they should not have same rights in many things such as schooling.
We have studied 'Black like me' which where we could find traces of dehumanization. We found a certain attitude towards the black race. Racism In the U.S Racism in the US started in the 17th century and segregation ended in the 1960s.
In the 1950s, racism was deeply institutionalized. 50% of black families lived below the poverty line; migrant workers suffered appalling working and living conditions
during the Korean war colored men were for the first time mixed up in groups with white men
an all-black squadron called the Tuskegee Airmen was one of the most successful pilot groups during during WW2: They gained respect from white men and won more awards than anyone else had done before Special Events In 1957, the government ordered the Little Rock Arkansas school to desegregate its schools. Arkansas goverment refused to accept and send guards to protect it from black students.
Nine black students refused to stay in black schools
President Eisenhower answered with sending troops as bodyguards for them. The differences between the races The White population had the power over the black population and had them controled
The colored had absolutely no rights whatsoever:
They did not have the rights to vote
They could not marry or have reltions with a white woman/man
The African-American children could not be in the same classroom as a white children
They could not drink from the same tap as a white man Other Examples Of Racism Hitler's declaration of his belief in a “master race” surrpressed all the jews and blacks as well
All other people who were not german like polish and Russians were seen as innatural and for that they had to be exterminated
During the Japanese invasion the chinese were treaten like dogs and were forced to worked for them
Even today there is racism in the US but in a diffrent form-americans make jokes about the mexicans and mostly give them the "bad" jobs Bibliography Information
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:%22Colored%22_drinking_fountain_from_mid-20th_century_with_african-american_drinking.jpg When Rosa Parks a black woman refused to give up her seat for a white in the bus she got arrested.
As an act protest Martin Luther King led in 1955 the Montgomery Bus Boycott that lasted for 1 year. More Special Events Presented
Yanik.D and Oliver D KU KLUX KLAN
(KKK) This racist group created by anonymous white men was formed to keep control over colored people and keep them down from revolting by frighten them with horrible tortures

Some of the ways that blacks were treated by them is quite disturbing
-They would attach a black person to the back of a truck and drive until there was not much more left of them

-They would hang them
-They would burn them alive
-They would shoot them...
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