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BTEC SPort level 1/2 U2 Practical Sport

No description

Adam Murray

on 5 July 2017

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Transcript of BTEC SPort level 1/2 U2 Practical Sport

BTEC SPort level 1/2 U2 Practical Sport
Unit 2 practical sport
Learning Aim A: Understand the rules regulations and scoring systems

Learning Aim B: Practically demonstrate skills, techniques and tactics in selected sports

Learning Aim C: Be able to review a sports performance
L2 Lesson Objective:

What are rules and regs?

Learning outcome:

1. to understand the difference between a rule and a regulation
2. Know and understand ho creates/ enforces them
Rules are regulated by the national (NGB) or international governing body for the sport.

For example

FIFA - Federation Internationale de Football
IRB - International Rugby Board
IOF - International Orienteering Federation

These are separate from the rules of the game and generally apply to

playing surfaces
health and safety

Scoring systems
This determines the method of scoring points or goals and what is required for victory.
Task 1
A. Research 2 sports and identify what are the main rules of the sport as described by the governing body.

B. Now describe 3 rules

C. Identify the main regulations of this sport

D. Describe the 3 regulations for your chosen sport.

Task 2
A. Can you identify how you score/ win in your chosen sport?

B. Can you evaluate the scoring system, i.e. is there any problems with it, have there been any situations where the score/ winner was in question?
For example what counts as a goal in football.

What counts as a one run or a half run in rounders.

How you score points in badminton.
Lesson 1
sport classification

Lesson Objective:
How do we classify sports?

Learning Outcome:
1. Know what categories sports come into
2. Be able to identify 5 different types of sports
Soccer examples
Badminton examples
Which rules/ regs would you include for your assignment?
Rounders Example
How many laws?
What are the main rules and regs?
Learning Aims
A. Understand the rules, regulations and scoring systems of selected sports.
B. Practically demonstrate skills techniques and tactics in selected sports.
C. Be able to review sports performances

Classifications of Sports
Team games
Net and Wall
Water Based
Strike and Field
Net and Wall
Water Based
Task: Can you think of any more?
Can you complete the alphabet of sports?
Assignment 1
Step one make a plan
Identify which sports you plan to discuss
Step three
can you write at a higher level?
Step two start to write
Bullet point the main rules.
Which ones are most important?

Which ones are regulations and which ones are rules/ laws?
What officials are needed for these sports?

Do they all do the same job?

Who is needed for an offical match?
Level 1/2 writing
Level 2 Merit
Level 2 Distinction
Further help
Learning Aim B

Practically demonstrate skills techniques and tactics in selected sports.
Lesson Objective:
What are skills techniques and tactic?

Learning Outcome:

1. Be able to identify the definition of a skill tactic and technique
2. Be able to identify a discrete, continuous and serial skill
Defining skill
A skill is something that often requires
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