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No description

John Mars

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of vox

individual, special, characteristic
vox proprius
A chorus of cubes placed in and around a space that listen to a source sound and sing along with it.

Each cube, while similar in appearance, has a different voice and purpose according to its placement and attachment to the space, as well as its unique programming and circuitry.
How do you make a one-man chorus?

How can a computer harmonize, live?

How do you imbue inanimate objects
with personality?

How can you shape sound using the
existing environment?
This project may explore:
Production of many similar objects
PCB fabrication
Cost reduction
Arduino alternatives
ADC and DAC usage
FFT analysis and Reverse FFT synthesis
RF transmission
Milestone 1 - 10/20/14
Complete research
Determine voice modulation technique
Sketch/breadboard basic design
Order prototype parts
Milestone 2 - 10/29/14
Complete prototype
Create working prototype on perfboard
Design and order PCBs
Order bulk parts
Milestone 3 - 11/17/14
Complete fabrication
Laser cut all housings
Populate PCBs
Assemble all cubes
Milestone 4 - 11/19/14
Final Presentation
Expected parts:
ATtiny85 + socket @ $2.00
HT8950 Voice Modulator + socket @ $4.00
LC acrylic housing @ $1.50
Speaker @ $2.00 OR HIHX09C005-8 Transducer @ $3.00
Microphone @ $1.00 OR FM receiver @ $5.00
PCBs @ $3.50
Magnets / suction cups / straps @ $1.00
This project is
an extension of two of my previous projects
Cell Phone Symphony
The Floor has a Voice
Distributed sound generation
Omnipresent, environmental music
Total cost per cube should be less than $20
It emphasizes:
Tangibility over abstraction
Hardware over software
Completion over depth
Live harmonization (existing device)
LED Throwies
Robot choir
Citroën Robot Chorus
LED Throwies
Vocalist Live Harmony
I need help
How do I make this more meaningful?

How do I make this more interesting?

How do I make this more?
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