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How to Effectively Negotiate Your Salary

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Christina Tzagarakis-Foster

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of How to Effectively Negotiate Your Salary

How to Effectively Negotiate Your Salary
You landed the job.....but how do you go about getting the salary you deserve?
Do your homework!

Start by looking up the market rate companies pay for the type of job you’re pursuing on web sites like Salary.com, Glassdoor.com and PayScale.com.

Know what the high, median, and low salaries are for someone with your skills, experience, and education.

Consider calling a headhunter, who can give you another perspective on the market value of the job.
It's all about leverage.....
Effective Strategies

Make the employer like you
Do focus on fostering a positive impression during your meeting
Plan to spend a good portion of your time getting to know each other, and building relationships

Take Your Time
When you receive a job offer, don't rush into making a decision
Ask the employer any remaining questions you have
Take your time in considering all of your options



-it helps to have a counter offer to help increase your negotiating power

-tell potential employers about your conversations with other hiring managers and about any offers you may have
Negotiating Goes Beyond Salary

Once you get a job offer, evaluate it carefully - there are more factors that come into play than just the base salary.
things to consider: bonuses
projected salary increase
vacation time/travel allowances
educational reimbursements
growth opportunities

Don't get hung up on just more money. Keep in mind "quality of life"....those things that make your life easier, increase your skill set, or save you time actually translate into more money.
It's about selling yourself....and your worth to the company
Don't be shy

Sell yourself! Show what you are able to contribute to the organization, and don't be shy about touting your skills, experience, and education

Have specific and detailed reasons that show why you are worth the salary you are asking for
Points to remember.....
Communicate effectively and be confident!

Listen carefully. If the offer is less than you expected, let them know that, but state that you're still interested in the position if they want to reconsider their offer.

Begin any salary negotiation with reasonable requests and be willing to accept compromises.

Negotiations should never become emotional or hostile. Use your value, skills, experience and education to negotiate. Don't use your need for the job to negotiate.
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