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Where are we now and where are we going?

Lynne Moylan

on 26 April 2014

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Transcript of iPads

Teacher Guidelines
•Remember they are school property firstly, they are an educational tool.
•Return iPad in the same condition as they were borrowed.
•My recommendation would be not to download apps on to the school iPads.
•Do not change the settings.
•Use Google Chrome. Safari will remember your login details and compromise your security.
Background to KLPS iPad implementation
Where are we now and where are we going?
Class Management
•Have a very clear objective for your lesson and ipad use
•Have a sound understanding of the app
•Teacher preparation is essential
•Use the timetable to book iPads
•Ensure the intended app is installed
•Use a class list to register numbered iPad with student.
•Use groups even though students may have an iPad each, they will learn from and teach each other. This will free up teacher time for other tasks
•Leave plenty of time to pack up iPads
•Reinforce consequences of inappropriate use of iPads
The Future?
Where are we now and where are we going?
Background to KLPS iPad implementation
Teacher Guidelines
Student Guidelines
Class Management
Flexible Timetable
Showcase of a couple of apps
The Future?
* The setup of the iPads is quite involved so this is why we have taken so long to get them up and running. Setup needs to be done properly as it is much harder to backtrack and do it later.

*All iPads need to be set up off site in a different wireless setting, not through the DET wireless. Each iPad has their own Gmail account set up, then labelled and restrictions need to be put in place that limit the students ability to change settings, download apps etc.

* The iPads are not officially supported by the DEC though some consultants have run some training on their use. So to get to this stage has involved us going to user groups, training days, video conferencing, online communication through Edmodo and Yammer and talking to teachers from other schools.

* To purchase apps we are buying through the Apple Volume Purchasing Program(VPP) as this allows us to buy many apps at half price once we buy 20 or more at a time. This was only released to the Australian market in December.

* There has been a lot of activity behind the scenes but we are now at a stage to launch into a better use of the iPads. Wireless has now been installed and we have another set of 32 iPads and another trolley to sync and charge the iPads.

* Last year everyone had a turn to 'play' with the iPads and now we need to use them in the classroom to enhance learning.
Student Guidelines
•Only open the app or apps required for the lesson. Those who open other app should be removed from the iPad for the rest of the session
•Clean hands for iPad use
•Students are never allowed into the settings, never allowed to change the background image, colour restrictions etc
•Close all apps at the end of the session
•Delete all unnecessary photos and work when require
•Turn off iPads
•Return iPads to trays in correct position and correct order to assist in efficient charging and syncing of iPads.
Showcase of two apps that are cross- curricula and multi- stage appropriate and SIMPLE!!
My class made a popplet of an Australian landmark for the unit " Australia, You're Standing In It". They then shared their work on the IWB with the class and were also able to email me their popplet through the student portal.
Using Educreation with Stage 3
Science unit on Earthquakes and geological age of the Earth
Using Educreation with Stage 1
Science unit Watch it grow
We currently have 64 iPads, 32 in each trolley. We would like to have @128 so there will be 2 more charging stations. BYOD(bring your own device) is being looked at by some schools but this has its own issues and is more difficult to manage. How long will it be before each student has their own device or using Google glasses for their learning??
14 classrooms using each set of 32 iPads stored, synced and charged in 3L.
14 classrooms using each set of 32 iPads stored, synced and charged in 5 S.
iPads and Bloom's Revised Taxonomy
Close open apps
Power off
Place iPads in the carry cases in order and up the right way, please!
In the more immediate future:
we will have another session evaluating the knowledge teachers need to teach effectively with technology using the TPACK framework and doing mini-tasks using iPad apps and collaboratively learning with your colleagues.
Start with the end goal in mind and then determine if an iPad is the best tool and can be used effectively, not to teach new content to students, but to allow them to achieve the end goal. To demonstrate their learning and share that understanding with their peers, a broader audience and even potentially the world.
Remember an iPad is a tool.
Tools are not inspiring, engaging or motivating.

Collaborating with ones peers, problem solving and ultimately creating something to demonstrate ones capabilities or unique understanding, that is engaging
The Secret To Successfully Using iPads In Education Greg Kulowiec Edudemic
iPurpose before iPad
Useful links
Brought to you by your iPad committee: Lynne, Vicki, Steve and Sarah
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