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Soc 381


Zach Gilbert

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Soc 381

Sociology 381 "Flash Mobs" What is it? Flash mob, as defined in the Oxford English Dictionary, is a public gathering of complete strangers, organized via the Internet or mobile phone, who perform a pointless act and then disperse again. The article focuses on a study which examined the behavior of a flash mob Bill Wasik Inventor of the "Flash Mob" concept The First Expirement
"Mob #1" Synced watches 7:24PM - 7:31PM The gathering was to last for precisely seven minutes, until 7:31, at which time all would disperse. "NO ONE," the email cautioned, "SHOULD REMAIN AT THE SITE AFTER 7:33." Mob #3 The handful of hotel guests were still there, alone again, except now they were confronted with a hundreds-strong armada of hipsters overhead, arrayed shoulder to shoulder, staring silently down. Mob #3 was the first "successful" flash mob Mr. Wasik had many more Flash Mobs Flash Mob # 8 was his last The Media Flash Mob #8 didn't go according to plan! The cheering of the hundreds grew so great that it drowned out the speakers. The mob had become unmoored. All of a sudden a man in a toque, apparently some sort of opportunistic art shaman, opened his briefcase to reveal a glowing neon sign, and the crowd bent to his will. He held up two fingers and the mob began chanting "Peace!" Prior Research The Theory As first defined by Festinger, Pepitone, and Newcomb (1952), deindividuation is "a state of affairs in a group where members do not pay attention to other individuals qua individuals"; when in a crowd or pack, the theory ran, each man sees he doesn't stand out and so his inhibitions melt away. Stanley Milgram The Faux Shock Expirements Milgram did similar study
with a "Stimulus Crowd" The Future of the Flash Mob unknown advertising viral marketing ethical? & ? Sony "Go Lightly"
@ Grand Central Station The End
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