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What would happen if there weren't any leaders?

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Jacob Labonte

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of What would happen if there weren't any leaders?


Why is Leadership Good in Society?

"Leadership is important because it provides an inspirational figure to lead people towards great accomplishments."
-Peter Campbell
Leadership by Pete and Jake
What is Leadership?
What Would Happen Without Leaders?
Leadership is the process by which one person influences the thoughts, attitudes and behaviors of others.
5 Traits of a Great Leader
Although leaders can't only be described in a list of characteristics, we chose 5 traits that we thought made a great leader represented by gods.
What leadership is to Us...
Leadership to us is someone, or something that other things look up to. This could be a person whom we see on a daily basis such as a teacher or parent, or it could be someone extraordinary. It could even be the king of the lions protecting the den and leading the hunt.
Persephone is...
What Leadership is to Us...
In the words of the great Jacob Lebonte, "It is better to be a leader than a follower."
Leadership in our society...
Too many teens our age, see leadership as a president or a King, but there are so many more leaders in our lives that go unmentioned.
Hera (Responsibility)
The Unmentioned Leaders in our Lives
Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, Priests, Friends,
Family, Coaches, Neighbors, Even us.
Hera NEVER cheated on Zeus, even though his hobby was cheating on Hera
Why is Leadership Good in Society?
Zeus is...
Firm but Fair
Athena (Wisdom)
Why is Leadership Good in Society?
Leadership isn't just an opportunity for a boss to come about, leadership promotes wellness, increases efficiency among workers, organizes the workplace, raises moral and places the group into a constructive direction. Plus much more.
Athena is the god of wisdom because she leads many battles strategically.
Boss Vs. Leader
Stentor is...
Eloquent in communication

This is such a broad question that a number of things could happen such as cities falling, nuclear proliferation and war as well as countless people would be unorganized and is dismay.
Leaders are the people who in society, rise above the rest for their voice to be heard, Their voice is normally the voice of the greater good, but in this scenario where there are no leaders, who would organize and set rules, who would enforce the rules, and who would maintain public order and safety.
What Would Happen Without Leaders?
What Would Happen Without Leaders?
Without leaders, people wouldn't know where to go, or what to achieve, without each and everyone of us being leaders in our own lives, we wouldn't achieve for the greatness that humanity has come to know. Without leadership and the rise of a personality, everything becomes sloppy and unmotivated, and when the world is unmotivated, we become ineffective as a society.
We hope that you learned not only something about leadership, but also some leaders.
Firm but Fair
Being firm but fair is fantastic quality for a leader to strive to have. Zeus has set rules and laws that govern his kingdom. Zeus has set forth a string of fair rules that when broken, will result in consequences which is where he is firm. One example of this firmness while being fair is the famous story of Prometheus and giving humans the gift of fire. This was a rule explicitly known not to break, but Prometheus broke this rule and Zeus saw fit to punish him. For a leader, people want to be felt like they are given a fair chance from others, but while being encouraged from this public fairness, a firm hand to guide over them is required for order.
Flexibility is considered a vital characteristic for a leader to have. Flexibility in this sense is not either you can touch your toes, its how you react to change, it is how you bend and fit to the challenges given to you and flexibility is the ability to overcome adversity.
We can see that Persephone has shown flexibility in her life by the kidnapping of Hades. Hades was a powerful god who captured her to become his wife for 6 months of the year. She then realized she had to for the greater good and made the best of her situation, she was flexible with what had happened to her.
A herald of the Greeks at Troy, whose voice was as loud as that of fifty other men together. His name has become proverbial for any one who screams or shouts with an unusually loud voice
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