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9 Capitalization Rules

A presentation about proper use of Capitalization.

Mark Schoenfeld

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of 9 Capitalization Rules

Capitalization Common Places Where You Need a Capital You must capitalize the first word of every sentence.
Also, you ALWAYS capitalize the pronoun "I".
Finally, you need to capitalize proper nouns. Some proper nouns that need to be capitalized: Names
Titles before Names
Product Names
Languages Cities and States
Regions of the Country
Course Names
Titles of Works (Books, Movies, Etc.) Rewrite the following sentences using correct capitalization: Examples:
You should always look both ways before crossing the road. Otherwise you might get hit by a car.
There was a man I once knew who could recite every word of the Declaration of Independence.
My favorite restaurants are Maudie's and Texadelphia. 1. my boss asked me to speak at the meeting, but i don't think i want to.
2. i wonder if ms. sylvia will approve this murder mystery for my book report.
3. my spanish teacher brought us some candies from mexico called picositos. Other Rules: Rule 4 - Always capitalize the first word of dialogue.
ex: Tom said, “There’s a bird with a broken wing outside.” Exception - do not capitalize if it's a sentence being continued:
"There's a bird with a broken wing outside," Tom said, "and I think it needs help." Rule 5 - Capitalize proper adjectives such as German shepherd, Chinese food, Mexican free-tail bat. Rule 6 - Capitalize titles used in direct address, such as Mom, Dad, Doctor, Principal.

Ex: Can I have 10 dollars to see a movie, Mom?
Non-Ex: This is Mr. Price, our principal. Rule 7 – Capitalize specific days, months, and holidays.

Ex: On Monday, July 4, people all over will celebrate Independence Day. Rule 8 – Capitalize all words in the titles of works, such as books, movies, TV shows, songs, etc.

Ex: My favorite song right now is "Look At Me Now" by Chris Brown. Rule 9 – Capitalize the first words of greetings and salutations in letters and emails.

Ex: Dear Mr. Gooding,

Thank you for writing me back so quickly. I like your ideas and will do my best to implement them.


Sally Walker ANSWER -
1. My boss asked me to speak at the meeting, but I don't think I want to.
2. I wonder if Ms. Sylvia will approve this murder mystery for my book report.
3. My Spanish teacher brought us some candies from Mexico called Picositos.
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