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Jack Pine Ecosystem

No description

Leslie Washington

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Jack Pine Ecosystem

Michigan Jack Pine Ecosystem
by Leslie Washington and Odelia Redditt

Badger (2nd Level Consumer)
Eastern Bluebird(2nd Level Consumer)
Kirtland's Warbler(2nd Level Consumer)

Jack Pine Ecosystems in Michigan
The main tree in the forest is Jack Pine.This forest is usually found in sandy areas where few nutrients are found.
Common Plants,Animals, and Insects Found
Jack Pines (Producer)
Green Snakes (Consumer)
Badgers (Consumer)
Blueberries (Producer)
Northern Pin Oaks (Producer)
Eastern Bluebirds (Consumer)
Kirtland's Warblers (Consumer)
Black Carpenter Ants (Consumers)
Blueberries (Producer)
Green Snake (2nd Level Consumer)
Northern Pin Oak
Black Carpenter Ant (1st Level Consumer/Decomposer)
How Energy Is Used/Transfer
Solar/Water energy is used to help the plants (producers) grow and provide for the rest of the organisms. The energy is then transferred and makes food for the consumers and decomposers. The consumers eat one another and gain energy from each other. An example of that would be the Green Snake eating Black Ants and then the Badger would eat the Green Snake.The left over nutrients provide energy for the Decomposers, which are the ants.
Producers of the Food Chain
Black Carpenter Ant
Green Snake
Eastern Bluebird
Kirtland's Warbler
Jack Pine Food Chain
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