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Social Justice Issue - Child Soldiers

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Tom O'Malley

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Social Justice Issue - Child Soldiers

Social Justice Issue - Child Soldiers
What Is The Issue?
The issue here is that children are being used because they leaders believe that they are easy to take advantage of. Also the leaders know that they won't dare to argue or refuse to do jobs. They join because they think it is the only way to get an income for themselves. It is unjust because it is taking advantage of people who are in hard situations or who are vulnerable.
How Did This Issue Come to Be in the First Place?
This issue has come from conflicts in different countries. If there wasn't conflict in these countries there wouldn't be child soldiers. Also, dictators are rebel leaders such as Joseph Kony cause the problem because they believe it is ok to do this. Governments in countries are sometimes corrupt or simply don't care enough to make these things stop. It is the immoral attitude that makes this issue.
Values that are needed to present for this situation to be socially just?
They values need to be a respectful and caring attitude towards children by the leaders. However, for the situation to be just for everyone there needs to be peace in the world. With all the losers a peaceful world would change their situation. If there is conflict the leaders need to care for their own people and not allow children to fight.
What Would Jesus Do and Why?
Child Soldiers Introduction
Child soldiers are defined to be 'Any person below 18 years of age who is, or who has been, recruited or used by an armed force or armed group in any capacity.' (1) This is a problem in Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East. They may be fighting in the conflict of helping with weaponry or doing other tasks. Many groups or countries with poor interests use child soldiers and their childhoods are ruined and they then think that whoever they are working for are the 'good guys' and they fight for them throughout their lives
Child Soldiers Locations
Who IS Affected and How?
Child Soldiers - The children are affected because their lives are put in danger. They are not able to have a good childhood and their lives are affected. They are also forced to do things that children should not be doing.
People known to the children - They are affected because their friend or family member may be killed.

Children Forced to Fight
A Child Soldier In the Middle East
Who are the Winners and Who are the Losers
The leader, he gets extra fighting power for a smaller cost. He also gets the hard jobs done because children are easier to boss around than fully grown men. Other than him there are no other winners.
Loser 1
The child, he/she is put in harms way with the high potential risk of death. They are forced to do the tough jobs which are also risky. They are the main losers.
Loser 2
Fighting opposition, having to live with the guilt of injuring/ killing a child. They would find it a lot harder to kill a child than an adult.
Loser 3
The majority of the population, they become angered at people like Joseph Kony and can't do anything about it. They get around things like Kony2012 but can't actually change things.
What Interventions Do I recommend and why?
I recommend peoples involvement in things like Kony2012 because it puts people like him on the map. As the Help Child Soldiers Organisation says 'If your not helping the children your helping them fight.'(3) Involving yourself in charities or donating to them can help as well.(4)
As for international intervention I recommend them helping the children and putting people on the ground to stop them from being abducted in the first place.
What are two things YOU can do to help the situation??
You personally can
Share - Tell people and government agencies about he problem. Just spreading the word can change things because the more people the more change.
Donate - Donate money or your time to a charity. These charities have connections and can really help.
What is the Catholic Church doing to help this situation of injustice?
In 2009, the current Pope put his support behind the UN effort to stop child soldiers. (5) The Pope said he had 'appreciation for the commitment to defend child victims of violence and weapons.' He put his support behind an ambassador when he came to the Vatican. Also, many Church organizations like Catholic Relief Services help by putting people on the ground to help the children be educated and have other avenues for their lives.
(1) http://www.child-soldiers.org/about_the_issues.php
(2) http://www.hrw.org/topic/childrens-rights/child-soldiers
(4) http://www.projectak47.com/getinvolved.aspx#divtab1
(5) http://ncronline.org/news/vatican/pope-supports-un-campaign-end-use-child-soldiers
(6) http://www.prayers-for-special-help.com/bible-verses-about-children.html
In Zechariah's bible it says ' The city streets should be full of children playing.' (6) This applies because it explains how children should be playing a having a good childhood. Jesus would have tried to change the situation with child soldiers just like everyone else. He would have been disgusted to see what it is like. He would change it because it is wrong that children must kill and are not able to have a normal childhood.
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