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Will TV Succumb to the Internet?

No description

Narangerel Emily

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Will TV Succumb to the Internet?

Will TV Succumb to the Internet?
launch in march 2007-44 million views united online internet broadcasting (NBC, Universal, CNN and Fox)
January 2010 -900 million views
800000 households canceled subscribing from cable TV
Hulu plus service pack 9.99$ per month

Case study questions
1. What competitive forces have challenged the television industry? What problems have these forces created?
2. Describe the impact of disruptive technology on the companies discussed in this case.
3. How have the cable programming and delivery companies responded to the Internet?
Case study questions
4. What management, organization, and technology issues must be addressed to solve the cable industry‟s problems?
5. Have the cable companies found a successful new business model to compete with the Internet? Why or why not?
6. If more television programs were available online, would you cancel your cable subscription? Why or why not?

Founded: February 15, 2005

Type of Site: Video Hosting Service

Area served: Worldwide

Slogan: Broadcast Yourself


Brief introduction (TV vs Internet)
Copyrighting (Youtube.com)
Copyrighting (unauthorized impact )
Hulu.com (impact on TV)

1 hour shows available online are able to accommodate five or six commercial breaks, each with a single 30-second ads.
Web video ads will generate $1.5 billion in ad revenue in 2010 and $2.1 billion in 2011.
For Hulu, $100 million in advertising revenue within two years, it is still unprofitable.
Hulu’s content suppliers receive 50 to 70% of the advertising revenue Hulu generates from their videos.
cable TV operator founded on 1968
A trial program to bring Time Warner's network shows, including TBS‟s My Boys and TNT‟s The Closer, to the Web. Other cable networks, including A&E and the History Channel, participated in the Comcast test.

“The vision is you can watch your favorite network's programming on any screen,” noted Time Warner Chief Executive Jeff Bewkes.

Hulu and other Web TV and video sites will have much deeper content, and the technology to deliver that content to home viewers will be more advanced
YouTube has copyright take down process to protect content owners.
If your original videos uploaded by someone else without any permission you can send to YouTube a copyright infringement notice, they will take care of it.

Unauthorized video clips( illegal clips)
Decreasing unauthorized videos
Over 150.000 unauthorized video clips
Video ID filter
Digital finger printing technology
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