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There's a boy in the girls' bathroom

No description

Brenda Wittenauer

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of There's a boy in the girls' bathroom

Bradley Chalkers Carla Bradley Chalkers is a bully in the beginning but gets better. He is mean and tough on the outside but is a very soft kid on the inside. I believe that Bradley is determined to be a good kid and not a monster.
Character traits: mean, bad and messy He is quiet, shy, and calm in the beginning. But he turns to my astonishment mean, rude, and dishonest, yet is still trying to go back to the way he was.
Character traits: nice, kind, and honest. Jeff Fishkin Lori is an old timer and has a big rivalry with Bradley. She has a big mouth and is the biggest gossiper in Red Hill elementary. She gossips behind The strength of Melinda.
Character traits: loud, obnoxious, and ridiculous. Lori Loudmouth She is strong and beats up Jeff and Bradley. She is very protective of her friends and does not want to be rude to the boys. Still when the boys get aggressive she gets mad and gives them a black eye
Character traits:strong, protective, and nice/rude. Melinda She helps the people who need it and is
determined to see the good inside of Bradley. She sees it for a while but has been transferred to a different school but that was after all her good advice
Character traits: nice, polite, and mannerly.
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