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8th grade Curriculum Night 2017

No description

Tamatha Bibbo

on 28 September 2017

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Transcript of 8th grade Curriculum Night 2017

Tamatha Bibbo, Principal
Megan Bonomolo, Assistant Principal
Deb Negoshian, Gr. 8 Secretary

Mark Yetman
Stephanie Cappadona
Sascha D' Angelo
Kristen Gosselin
Carol Sargent
Core Values
All members of the Pollard community will:
BE curious, confident, and independent learners
ACT with compassion, integrity, and inclusivity
STRIVE for personal growth
What is 8th Grade?
"I always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think that's how you grow."
- Marissa Mayer, CEO, Yahoo!
Welcome, Tamatha Bibbo
Back to School
Curriculum Night 2017

Who are we?

Our student ushers
Linda Riley and Linda Alexander, Main Office
Lesley Smart, METCO coordinator
Rosemary Leone & Debbie Brennan, School Nurses
Tanya Cherkerzian and Sakina Saif-Mulla - PTC Presidents
Karen Han and Mira Tamir Spiegel-SEPAC Representatives
George Clement, Minuteman Regional High School
Lynn Alberding, Needham Athletic Boosters
Alyssa Handler: NCE programming (ASAP)
Kaelon Allen, MS Athletic Director
Officer O'Leary, School Resource Officer

Thank you for your time.
DC Meeting- October 26, 2017

We really appreciate your partnership with us.
Middle School Curriculum Coordinators
Marcy Cohen, Special Education
Brooke Feldman, Social Studies
Tammy Ghizzoni, Math
Mark Healey, Science
Elizabeth Welburn, ELA

K-12 Directors
Tom Denton, Guidance
LeeAnn Sutton, Music and FPA
Kathy Pinkham, Wellness
Jean Tower, Technology
Elizabeth Zajac, World Language

How are the curriculum/ expectations different?
What should we expect this year?
How are we preparing for high school?
How are the curriculum/ expectations different?
What should we expect this year?
8th Grade Students:
move from concrete thinking to more abstract;
have a desire for more independence, like in high school;
are often erratic and inconsistent in their behavior- worried about relationships and friendships;
start to solve problems and find solutions without adult intervention
act out unusually, or display drastic behavior at times;
want to know and feel that significant adults, including parents and teachers, love and accept them... need frequent affirmation;
are fiercely loyal to peer group values, yet will start to confront unacceptable behaviors;
confront hard moral and ethical questions;
defend the "underdog" more frequently;
believe they have the best solutions.
Increased academic rigor
Alignment between grades 6-12
Pushing students to be more responsible
Focused conversations with students regarding choices, outcomes, consequences, behaviors.
After school, overnight trips, extra-curricular opportunities
Community Service Learning (CSL requirements)
STA day!
Step-Up Days

Prepare the child
for the path...
Not the path
for the child.
more difficult texts, material, curriculum;
increased focus to detail and evidence-based responses expected;
increased homework and independent project expectations;
fulfillment of work completion;
more organization/ executive functioning;
high-level dialogue and debate;
intense writing - in all subject areas (ELA, Math, WL, Science, Social Studies);
effort/ accuracy and grade correlation vs. completion;
emphasis on citizenship and participation in a diverse democracy.

How are we preparing for
high school?
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