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3rd Person Omniscient

A point of view where the narrator know the thoughts and feelings of all the characters.

Semma Bink

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of 3rd Person Omniscient

3rd Person Omniscient A point of view where the narrator knows the feelings and thoughts of all the characters It is used to give a full sense of what is happening in the story Gives multiple perscpectives Example: Count of Monte Cristo The story changes the character it is focusing on often yet does not focus on the persons thoughts. The Bird in the Sky

The Bird in sky
Is flying high
Watching all that we are
Knowing all that we think

Being a mind reader
Gives him Great insight
To the people we are inside
Our thoughts and our feelings

Other people may not know
That he knows all
You should stop by his tree
If there is a story you want to hear
The Twins

The Girl is in her room
Painting her nail purple
She's about to go on a date
Her hands are shaking
She is nervous

Her brother is the room next door
pounding on the wall.
He doesn't want to loose his sister
Or see her grow up to fast
He loves her dearly
And doesn't want to see her hurt
They are two different people.
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