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Declaration Of Independence

A Document Declaring our freedom from Great Brittan

hlee vang

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Declaration Of Independence

Declaration Of Independence Declares 13 American colonies are free British rules Who Wrote the Declaration Of Independence? Thomas Jefferson {mostly wrote the declaration of independence}
Benjamin Franklin
John Adam
roger Sherman
Robert Livingson John Hancock is the first person to sign the Declaration of independence
The declaration was almost stolen by the british After freedom, nobody cared about the declaration
of Independence The british thought that the people who signed the
declaration is traitors The DEclaration of Independence is always celabrated on july 4th Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Francklin John Adam Roger Sherman Robert Livingson Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration when he was 33 years old The Declaration was written
in the summer 1776 The Declaration of Independence end by listing the rights of colonists
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