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Reading Workshop Overview

No description

Marnia Letendre

on 10 March 2017

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Transcript of Reading Workshop Overview

Work Period: Independent Reading
Independent Reading: Students can be reading independently, but the options are endless as to what they could be doing! Here are a few possibilities...
The Mini-Lesson:
What is Reader's Workshop?
Work Period: Small Group Instruction
Work Period: Conferring With Students
* Tracking individual student progress
* Use information to create mini-lessons & small group instruction.
Reading Workshop Implementation
Pitner Elementary

Marnia Letendre
Pitner Curriculum Night 2016
Within the hour, the mini-lesson will last 10-15 minutes. It's the time where teachers get to directly teach.
What does it look like?
* Students are at the carpet.
* Teacher has all eyes on him/her.
* Teacher is teaching standards and
* Whole group, direct instruction.
* Build Stamina and Endurance
* Apply Strategies/Standards
* Reflection time
* Guided Reading
* Strategy Groups
* Facilitating Lit Circles
Teachers can use this time to check up with individuals, talk about strengths and next steps, as well as determine patterns within the class.
* Students share daily.
* This can be the most powerful section of the workshop.
* Students will make connections to literature and applied
* Teacher facilitates and reminds students of standards/
strategies taught.
The Why's & What's of Reader's Workshop
Why: Remember the days?...
What: Implementation of Reader's Workshop
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