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Chinese traditional day

No description

Phebe Wu

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Chinese traditional day

Ghost Festival
Double Ninth Festival
Longtaitou Festival
Chinese traditional day
Chinese National day
the Double Ninth Festival is at the Ninth lunar month ,that day we need to Filial elders to help old people to do many things.This day is chinese tradition too.And we will use Dogwood and chrysanthemum put at home.We will eat Double Ninth cake with old people.
that day is for the Buddhism,and some people will take things to give they believe the god .so we can see some about for Buddhism activity.
Leading Festival, also known as the "dragon head" or "Dragon Day" festival date is two days of lunar month, is one of the traditional Chinese holidays. According to folklore, this is the Day of the Dragon King in charge of the rise of the cloud, it means that after this will be an increasing rain. Some people think "dragon head" refers to a hundred insects began in the early spring awakening: "February, dragon head, scorpions, centipedes are outcrops," as the saying goes.
At chinese national day every school will have 8 Holiday.chinese national day is at the October 1,so we can go to the Beijing to see the show about china
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