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Retail Pharmacy vs. Hospital Pharmacy

No description

Lucy Hooper

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Retail Pharmacy vs. Hospital Pharmacy

Retail Pharmacy vs. Hospital Pharmacy The Better Career: Factual or Practical? Goals of Project Where and who did I shadow? My Station Four Types of Prescription E-script
Faxed 1)Black- Deliver
3)Pink- Drive Thru
4)Blue- Will Call Basket Priority The "Robot" PYXIS STATION Nurse's Night Cabinet Pharmacist Station Pharmacy Technician Station Pharmacist's Role in Retail Pharmacy Check for messages
Authorize "Red Lines"
Authorize filled prescriptions
Check the NCD
Auxiliary tags for certain drugs Pneumatic Tube System Determine career differences for a retail or a hospital pharmacist
Affirm possible pharmacy career
Understand the position of the pharmacist
Analyze the differences in retail pharmacy and hospital pharmacy Pharmacist's Role in Hospital Pharmacy Authorizes prescriptions submitted by the pharmacy technician

Must submit narcotic prescriptions themselves.

The authorization process similiar to checks and balances method. Retail Pharmacy vs. Hospital Pharmacy Why was this discovery important to my future? Were my goals met? What IB Profile characteristices were used? Complex business and customer relation issues Complex clinical medication management issues. Pharmacists in retail deal with more patient consultations Both deal with the preparing and dispensing of medications Pharmacists consult with the physicians not the patients unless they are a clinical pharmacist Knowledgable Communicator Family Pharmacy
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