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on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Midomo

Midomo The Bracelet Where When Pros Holds 50-litre tank that can be replaced
Lasts for over 10 years
Each filter lasts over 200 cycles/rotations (10,000 L) before replacement
Creative 3-in-1 use as a water carrier, purifier and storage unit (after it's been emptied) Facts How does Midomo work? Midomo is a water purification system that is a water tank on wheels, kind of like a trolley. The water is purified as it is transported, so when the wheels turn the water is cleansed. It uses a ROSS system (Reverse Osmosis Sanitation System) which we will further explain. Video Cons How http://kopernik.info/en-us/product/midomo




http://www.midomobracelet.org/midomo-initiative/ Amanda Jones and James Brown set up a company called Red Button Design, where they created the product Midomo. It appeared on the second season of BBC's Dragon's Den (2007) - as the R.O.S.S, or the Reverse Osmosis Sanitation System - where the Dragons offered it £50,000 for 10% percent of the company. It later turned down this offer after receiving a £45,000 grant from Oxford University's Saïd Buisness School.

These units cost £100 each and provide a family for enough water to last them a day - in order to completely purify 50L of water, you must push it 2.2 km. This means that girls can do this in the morning and still have time to go to school and do their homework. Water is poured through a pre-filter to remove big contaminants like gravel, grit and silt. As Midomo is pushed, the rotation of the wheels powers a pump that forces water through a silver - ceramic filter. This main filter removes all the dirty biological matter to produce perfectly clean water.

The water does not expire or re-contaminate and can be extracted on demand. To fully purify all 50L of water, users will have to push the device approximately 2.2 km, but this can be supplemented by a hand crank. Unable to filter harmful viruses
Mountain bike wheels may not be suited to the African terrain
Heavy and cumbersome By: Hailey and Monica Midomo was invented in 2007, when the three creators of this ingenious contraption pitched the prototype to the Dragons in CBC's show
. It was an immediate success, all five of the Dragons offering 50, 000 pounds for 10% of the company. The idea of the Midomo Bracelet is simple and straightforward. You purchase a silver bracelet for £275, and a Midomo is donated to an african community on your behalf. Engraved on the bracelet is a serial code/number which allows the buyer to track the progress of the delivery of the donated Midomo online. The bracelet is beautifully engraved, and has an eye--catching look.
The Red Button Design teamed up with jewelry designer Alex Monroe to create the Midomo Bracelet.
The said bracelet is also a symbol of the gift of clean water, and it's also a reminder of growth and development. Mwingi, Kenya Dragon's Den WEBSITES Tanks!
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