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Citizen Journalism Task

No description

Rohan Clifford

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Citizen Journalism Task

Citizen Journalism Task
Explore the history of citizen journalism and consider how long it is has been around and its purpose. How has CJ changed? Is this important?
Similarities & Differences
How does citizen journalism compare and contrast with the role of a professional journalist? What is the social impact of CJ? Venn diagram/table acceptable.
Ethics are crucial in journalism. Define the term and how it applies to journalism, then describe how it applies to CJ. Is it more important for CJs to apply ethical standards?
Provide embedded examples of citizen journalism- Youtube etc.
Positives & Negatives
Explore the pluses and minuses of Citizen Journalism
Citizen journalism uses specific avenues of reaching its audience(s). What are they and why? Provide some historical evidence.
Who, what, where, why, how...Citizen Journalism reaches a large and devout following. How do the followers of this journalism find their information regularly? How does this affect the phenomenon of citizen journalism?
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