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Smart Phones, Mobile Games and Apps

How Smart Phones, Mobile Games and Apps Affect Advertising


on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Smart Phones, Mobile Games and Apps

By: Ashlyn Jones How Advertising is Being Affected By Smart Phones, Mobile Games and Apps Smart Phones May Be an Advertising "phenomenon" Smart Phones can help Ad Agencies save money and captivate a higher percentage of consumer 33% of people that us smart phones say they notice the ads that accompany mobile searches

50% of the 33% of people will take action on those Advertisements What are some Stats??? Smart Phones are outselling computers and Laptops

Studies show that people are getting most of their information thru their apps than the internet alone

A great feature for apps now is the ability to become a fan of that app and receive text messages with more promotions Why Are Smart Phones and Apps so Important for Advertsing? EXAMPLES OF MOBILE ADS 81% Internet
Browsing 68% App Use 77% General Search 48% Mobile Video What do Mobile Apps Do FACTS ABOUT MOBILE APPS
AND SMART PHONES Discussion Questions What benefits do you guys think advertisers can get from mobile devices?
Does anyone have any good examples of ads and mobile games?
Does anyone have any creative ways of making the mobile ads?
what types of companies do you feel would succeed the most from mobile ads?
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