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Copy of BMC 10th Graders

No description

Suzanne Crawford

on 1 November 2018

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Transcript of Copy of BMC 10th Graders

The Less Traveled Path to a High School Diploma
Burke Middle College

College Programs

Is this the path for you?
What is
Burke Middle College?
North Carolina A & T
NC State University
Syracuse University
University of Memphis
UNC-Chapel Hill
Western Carolina University
Wingate University
Can BMC students transfer
to a four year university?
BMC students can apply to any four year university, however it is recommended that they transfer to a NC public university. We have students at the following:
Appalachian State University
Campbell University
Blue Mountain College
East Carolina University
Gardner Webb University
Johnson & Wales University
Lees McRae College
Lenoir Rhyne University
Liberty University
Mars Hill College
Montreat College

Appalachian State University
Some Examples: COST OF ATTENDANCE (for 2 years)
A BMC student who transfers to a university with a completed associates degree will save thousands of dollars toward the completion of a 4-year degree.
College Savings
Appalachian State University-----------------$37,844
Duke University -------------------------------$145,420
East Carolina University-----------------------$44,000
Lenior Rhyne University-----------------------$93,920
NC State University----------------------------$47,400
UNC Chapel Hill----------------------------------$49,260
Western Carolina University-------------------$39,612
Must have completed 13 high school credits, including: -English I, English II, -Communication Skills
-World History, Amer. History I,
or AP US History
-Earth Science, Biology
-Math I, Math II
-Health & PE
-Recommended Courses: CTE Course,
Physical Science OR Chemistry
Must be a sophomore in a Burke Co. public high school
Must apply to program (Deadline: 12/1/17)
Minimum GPA: 2.75
Minimal Attendance and Behavior Issues
Must pass or exempt required college placement tests
Nearly all WPCC programs are available to BMC students.
We have students in a number of college programs, including…...
Building Construction
Business Administration
College Transfer
Computer Information
Criminal Justice
Digital Effects/Animation
Early Chidhood Education
Human Services
Interpreter Education
Medical Assisting
Paralegal Technology
Pre-Dental Hygiene
Simulation/Game Development
Therapeutic Rec. Assistant
“I am 110% satisfied with what BMC has done for me now. It is so cool to be able to say I am a junior in at NC State University at the age of 17... something that turns heads no matter where I go.” -Tyler (Class of 2008)

“Not many people can say they are a 19 year old Register Nurse. Choosing to attend BMC is one of the greatest decisions I ever made."
–Heather (Class of 2010)

“BMC gave me the opportunity to grow as an individual. I came here determined to be successful, and I did!" -Michael (Class of 2014)

"In spite of the extra work, when you ask us, we would all agree that BMC gave us a headstart to discovering our own interests, lessons in responsibility, freedom to be ourselves, and the opportunity to make lifelong friends."
-Whisper (Class of 2017)
Lots of Options!
Income figures based on college graduate versus high school graduate lifetime earnings. (Federal Reserve Board Report, released on 5/5/14)
Work-Life Earnings
The Big Payoff
Lifetime Income Difference............................$830,000
Doing What You Love....................................PRICELESS

Thank you for attending our Information Night!
Contact Information
1001 Burkemont Avenue
Morganton, NC 28655


Location: E Building-Room 112
Office Phone: (828)448-3175

Kathy Amos, Principal

Suzanne Crawford, Counselor
Where are our
graduates now?
BMC is a lot of work,
but we definitely
have our share of fun…
A Few of
Our Philosophies…
Sometimes the less traveled path is the best road to success.
With freedom comes responsibility.
BMC means family.
Fun is good.
Parents and students must decide if BMC is an appropriate academic setting.
Students must submit an application and two recommendations by deadline (12/1/17).
Each student’s transcript along with his/her discipline and attendance record will be reviewed as a part of the application process.
How do you apply to
Burke Middle College?
Average number of college credits completed by 2017 BMC graduates: 55
Average college GPA of current senior class: 3.4

NOTE: Well over half of our seniors are on-track to complete their entire college degrees by their high school graduation date in May, 2018!

How do BMC students perform
in college courses?
By the way…
What is our enrollment?
We currently have 65 juniors and 62 seniors for this school year, bringing total enrollment to 127 students.
The maximum enrollment for Burke Middle College is 130 total students (including both junior and senior classes).
*Smaller class size
*Individualized attention/supportive relationships
*College head start
*Flexible daily schedule
*Weighted GPA Credit (5 pts.) for college transfer
*Access to college library, computer labs, and
WPCC Academic Success Center
*Modified school calendar (follows college calendar whenever possible)
*Students take college courses during summer between 11th and 12th grade
*Opportunity to participate in all community college extra-curricular activities (BMC
students are not eligible to participate in athletics another extra-curricular activities at
their previous high schools.)
*No transportation provided

This year, BMC was designated as an"A Rated School" by the state of NC (based on proficiency and standardized test scores), earning us a numerical grade of 99!
We also happen to be an A Rated school in North Carolina (again!)
For next school year:
English III-Honors, English IV-Honors
(Senior Project Required)
American History II-Honors
Civics & Economics -Honors
Math III-Honors
*Students may earn their foreign language credits by taking college
level Spanish I & II or ASL I & II.
*Students may earn 4th math credit by taking college level math or
NCVPS Advanced Functions.
*Students may earn a high school physical science credit by taking two
college level Chemistry classes or NCVPS Physical Science.
Students must cover the cost of college activity, technology, and parking fees (approximately $60 per semester), and the cost of
some college textbooks (either in full or BMC rental fees).
As long as the student is
enrolled in BMC, tuition for college courses is FREE, including evening and summer classes.

*Potential Tuition Savings - $4,800

How much does it cost?
In the Work Force, with a completed WPCC Degree
At WPCC, completing their chosen degree
Pursuing a university bachelor, master, or doctoral degree
BMC is definitely not the easy way to
earn a high school diploma, but there are
tremendous benefits to being part of our program. Aside
from the free college courses and the head start on life, BMC offers wonderful memories and a lifelong membership in the BMC family!
Some Final Thoughts
Special Days
Candy Corn Day
Smart Cookie Day

Fake Mustache Day
Pop Tart Day
Talk Like a Pirate Day

Frosted Cookie Day
Ugly Sweater Day

Pop Corn Day

Cheez-It Day
'Souper' Bowl Food Drive
United Way Drive
Biltmore House Trip
BMC is a high school
located at Western Piedmont
Community College. Students begin
our program at the beginning of their
junior year, and complete 11th and
12th grades on the WPCC campus.
BMC Class of 2017
What high school classes
are offered?
Service Projects
Rotaract Club
WPCC Treat-or-Treat Festival
WPCC Spring Fling
Lake Hickory Country Club
Hickory, NC
BMC Prom
World Smile Day
More Projects & Activities
WPCC Fall Festival
BMC Chorus
Night of Music
Friday Friends
Breakfast with Santa
Habitat for Humanity Project
Applicants must complete the WPCC placement test and achieve satisfactory scores on the reading and writing portions (or have Pre-ACT scores that exempt them from testing).
There will be an enrollment meeting for students and parents during the spring of this school year.
Match the
Burke Middle College Numbers
1. Number of years BMC has been in existence (including
this year)
2. Percent of this year’s seniors who are on-track to complete
an associate degree by their high school graduation in
May 2018
3. Total number of students who have graduated from BMC
so far
4. Number of siblings who have attended BMC
5. NC School Performance Grade for BMC for 2017
6. Number of dollars BMC students can save in WPCC tuition
7. Average number of dollars BMC students can save at
public NC universities
8. Number of BMC applications received last year

Answer Choices: 4,800; 113; 99; 541; 76; 12; 112; 40,000
Match the
Burke Middle College Numbers
1. Number of years BMC has been in existence (including
this year)---
2. Percent of this year’s seniors who are on-track to complete
an associate degree by their high school graduation in
May 2018---
3. Total number of students who have graduated from BMC
so far---
4. Number of siblings who have attended BMC---
5. NC School Performance Grade for BMC for 2017---
6. Number of dollars BMC students can save in WPCC

7. Average number of dollars BMC students can save at
public NC universities---
8. Number of BMC applications received last year---

BMC was one of the few high schools in NC to achieve a 100% graduation rate for the 2016-17 school year, which we have achieved 9 out of the past 10 graduating classes!
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