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Introduction to Robots

No description

Stuart Rathe

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to Robots

What do these images
have in common? The surface of Mars A modern car clue - who took the photo? clue - who or what
helped to put it together? ROBOTS The car components are
put together
by robots the Mars pathfinder
robot took these pictures
of the surface of the planet Can you explain to your partner
what a robot is? a robot is any machine which does work on its own - automatically. famous robots Watch this clip in your reading groups.

Your teacher will stop it to allow you
to PREDICT what it will be about

What QUESTIONS do you have about it?
Can you SUMMARIZE what it was about?
Does the film help to CLARIFY what Artificial
Intelligence is? What is different
robots? Why else do we have robots?

Can you think of any reasons that
robots might be used for the following
tasks? Helping to disarm bombs? Packaging boxes for hours
and hours every day? What do you think
means? Your task

1. Each group will receive a card with
a date linked to the history of Robots.
Use a laptop to research and present to
the class how your card fits into the "Robot

2. Design your own robot - worksheet activity

3. Plenary Class Discussion.
Watch this video clip from the Literacy Shed (scroll down - Origins - Story of a Lone Robot) http://www.literacyshed.com/the-inspiration-shed.html
and then discuss the following...

Will robots ever really be able to think for themselves?
Do you think that computers are smarter than people?
Will robots ever pose a threat to humans?

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