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payal parti

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Ottawa

Ottawa By: Payal Parti Leisure Activity Culinary Delights Ottawa Tourism Festivals and holidays Winter time
WHY: People of Ottawa The Best time to visit Ottawa! Location -Ottawa, our capital city, is located in Ontario
-It is on the South bank of Ottawa River
-Situated 175 km west of Montreal Quebec
-Across the Ottawa River, lies Gatineau Quebec
-Ottawa borders Quebec

The Metropolitan Area Population has: 1,236,324 residents. The best time of year to visit Ottawa is:
Winter Time!! Winter is a great time to spot beautiful view and scenery. Some of the Aspects of family life are:
-kids going to school
-Afterschool programs
-Jobs and careers of adults
-Pets: dogs, cats, .....
-Active family outings
(organized sports) There are many fun festivals and events that take place in Ottawa! There are numerous activities that people from Ottawa enjoy doing for entertainment or in spare time.
-Beavertail pastry (shape of beaver tail)
variety of toppings: cinnamon, sugar, honey..etc.

-Burgers (any kind)
-"Shawarma" (Lebanese Food) Meat filled pita sandwiches
-Belgian Waffles (sweet toppings, and fruit)
- Tacos: of any filling
-Fried potatoes and eggs (Breakfast/Brunch) There are many amazing sights to see in our capital city! Ontario Map Ottawa is the capital of Canada. The area of Ottawa is: 2,790 km. sq.

The area of the Metropolitan area is: 6,287 km. sq. The months in which you should visit are: December to February Why is Winter time the best time of year to visit Ottawa? -Winter landscape glows with colorful lights
-everything topped with white snow You must try the enjoyable winter activities:

-cross-country skiing and snowshoeing

-tobogganing: on the National Greenbelt's toboggan hills
(take a break from skiing and snowshoeing!)
Go to the annual Winterlude Festival!
It features: ice sculptures, skating on the Rideau Canal, hockey tournaments, a winter triathlon, and children's entertainment Also, kids can play on North America's largest snow playground:

Snowflake Kingdom!! Population There are: 883,391 residents in all of Ottawa Area Ontario Map

-International Children's Festival: late May - early June

-Franco Ontarien Festival: June (French Festival

- Canada Day: July 1st (Downtown Ottawa)

Winterlude: 3 weekends, February -Cycling (on pathways)
-hiking/walking (in parks and trails)
-skating in winter
-going to many fun waterparks
-"Funhaven" Ottawa's best entertainment centre
-horseback riding
(on the trail in the Greenbelt)
-in-line skating
(many recreational paths) Food Ottawa has many delicious culinary delights. Even foods from different cultures are popular. Government Buildings: Parliament Buildings (on Parliament Hill)
-is home to Canada's Federal Government
-The House of Commons is in the Center Block.
(This is where all the laws are passed)
-Canadian Supreme Court
-is the highest judicial court in all of Canada -Rideau Hall
-Official residence of Governor General
-Byward Market
-contains a farmer's market and a shopping District The National War Memorial The National War Memorial is placed in Confederation Square, in the heart of downtown Ottawa.
It is a tribute to Canadians that have served in times of war. Bytown Museum -is located beside the Rideau Canal locks

-has information of the developing heritage of Ottawa

-contains objects and stories from
first inhabitants to present. -Rideau Canal
-winds through the heart of Ottawa Getting Around for Tours and Sightseeing If you are planning to visit Ottawa, there are many ways in which to see the numerous sights across the capital! Ottawa walking Tours - (2 hours)
-This is a good way to feel the essence of the Capital City

Double Decker Bus
-Hop on and off at your favorite sites.

Ottawa Cycling Tours
-experience the different views that our capital city has to offer in a way that isn't possible by tour bus or by foot!

-Capital Cruises
-winds through Ottawa River and the Rideau Canal Pancake Breakfast With traditional Maple Syrup Rock Climbing Altitude Gym is a good place for indoor rock climbing Boating/Canoeing/Kayaking Boating, canoeing or kayaking can be done on Rideau Canal, Ottawa River etc. Christmas lights across Canada Winter: Why Skating on the Rideau Canal is a must!!! Tulip Festival -The Tulip Festival takes place in May.
The beautiful tulips are placed all throughout Ottawa Rideau Canal Festival The Rideau Canal festival in August is a new festival that has started to take place with parades and much more! Mosaika: July-September Light and Sound show
takes place on Parliament Hill Canadian Museum of Civilization
-is Canada's most visited museum!
-celebrates achievements and histories of Canadian and world cultures.
-Canada Hall contains 1000 years of history History of Ottawa -British troops found the first settlement in Ottawa.
-Ottawa was found in 1826, and then formed as a city in 1855.
-Ottawa was originally known as "Bytown".
-Bytown was named after Colonel John By, who supervised the construction of the Rideau Canal.
-Ottawa was chosen to be Canada's capital by Queen Victoria in 1857.
-Ottawa was originally inhabited by the Odawa First Nations What the People of Ottawa do for a living -Many of the people in Ottawa work for the Government.
-Many people also work for the City
of Ottawa
(to improve the neighborhood)
-Some of the basic jobs are:
-working as a paramedic
-working as a firefighter
-working for the Ottawa Police Service Major Sports Some of the popular sports in Ottawa are:
-Hockey (Ottawa Senators-hockey team)
-Cycling (Ottawa is the "Cyclist's City"
-many recreational pathways
-Skating The Royal Canadian Mint The Mint in Ottawa is where collectable coins are made. The Royal Canadian Mint is located next to the National Gallery of Canada. Take a tour of the mint and learn how
coins are made! The Amphibious Bus Tour 1 hour city tours on both land and on
water Open cockpit bi-plane ride See Parliament Hill and Downtown Ottawa from up high! Ice Sculptures -Camping (in cabins or in tents) Gatineau Park

-Winter hiking: on trails
-experience peacefulness of winter forest City of Ottawa Ottawa RBC Royal Bank Bluefest: each July, 11 days
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