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Privacy: The Crucible

No description

Abbey Brown

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of Privacy: The Crucible

Privacy: The Crucible
In the importance of debating privacy and public safety, privacy is most important because it can discriminate someone's reputation.
-If you confess that might make you a good person, but if they put your wrong depostion out to the public then you look like a bad person only for one mistake.
For Example from the crucible:
In the movie, "The Crucible", John Proctor writes a depositiaon about his confession to witchcraft. He later then found out that he would have to publicize it and he said no because he did not want to ruin his reputation. (Hytner).
The practice of making accusations of subversion of teason without proper regard for evidence.(McCarthyism.)
Example of Mccarthyism
Joseph McCarthy made claims that more than 200 card carrying members of the Communist party had wronged the United States goverment. No Proof. ("McCarthyism.)

By: Abbey Brown & Madison Murphy
3c Dec 2015
4th Hour
Example of how in
Present Day Privacy is more important than public safety:
Ashley Madison is a website for spouses to have affairs. Hackers posted information about the cheaters on the internet publicly. The people's privacy was violated on the website. It can cost their marriage and make them look bad with going into reputation. (Hackers Finally Post.)
Privacy over Public safety
The reason privacy is more important than public safety is because it can ruin ones reputation and invade their personal life.
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