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Smartphones in your Daily Life and Business Life

No description

Hendrik Jenssen

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Smartphones in your Daily Life and Business Life

1.) Smartphones in daily life
Future of the companies depend on their customise
New business idea
New economic market
Companies should change the way of services and advertising
2.1) Future
Better and faster communication between people
Lead a meeting online
It is an office on the road
1.4) Globalisation
1.2) Examples
Smartphones in your Daily Life and Business Life
2.) Smartphones in business life
2.1) Benefits
2.2) Disadvantages
Is the Smartphone a positive Change in Business Life or not?
2.3) Example: Volkswagen
Volkswagen has seen the negative effects of the "Smartphone-Boom" and acted early.
They simply switched off the operationally e-mails after closing time.
In my Opinion, the Smartphone has many positive features, it just depends on how it is used!!
1. Smartphones in daily life
1.1 Facts
1.2 Future
1.3 Examples: Zalando/Instagram
1.4 Globalisation

2. Smartphones in business life
2.1 Benefits
2.2 Disadvantages
2.3 Example: Volkswagen
2.4 Conclusion

1994 The first smartphone
2007 The first iPhone
Meanwhile 2 billion smartphones
77% working people
Managers are constantly available
1.1) Facts:
Innovative system Take a picture and Search online for the product
People go to a shop with a picture Ask for the product
Thank you for your attention!

Mohammad Reza Hendrik Jenssen
Source: http://jostnickel.de/smartphones-segen-oder-fluch-im-berufsleben/
2.4) Conclusion
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