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Potential touristic developments in the Municipality of Makó

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Daniel Petrik

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Potential touristic developments in the Municipality of Makó

Potential touristic developments in
1: Where is it?
Good geographical location:
- Budapest: 200 Km
- Szeged: 30 Km
- Close to the Romanian, and the Serbian borders--» Efficient cross-border relationships
3: What kind of touristical
possibilities are we have?
The spa tourism
And the ecotourism
2: Our reputation is
based on 2 pillars:
The old tradition of the
onion and garlic cultivation.
And the buildings of
Imre Makovecz
Tree crown promenade
Adventure park
4: We have experiences
in the field of cross-border
relationships (Interreg tenders)
Eco tour
Eco bridge
and development
The improvement of the tree crown promenade with tree crown houses.
Thank you for
your attention!

Or the bank of
the Maros
A cross-border Marketing cooperation
program between the Romanian and the
Hungarian Spa-s
A cross-border cooperation program between Periam (Romania) and Makó. The aim of this tender, is to establish hike routes between the two municipality
The tree-crown promenade project, what we want to supplement with the tree crown houses.
Developing a smartphone application, which would be a unique touristical innovation, and thus we can gain a lot of experience together.
Expand the spa with a 50 m long swimming pool, and after that we can extend the sport and recreation facilities in our town.
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