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Mark 12:18-27

No description

Stephen Johns

on 17 August 2014

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Transcript of Mark 12:18-27

Mark 12:18-27
Rescue by Resurrection
The god of the Rationalists
The Sadducees
Deny the resurrection
Deny Angels and Demons
Religiously Moral
Die out in A.D. 70's
'Epicureans' come into existence around 300 B.C.
(Sadducees begin around 200 B.C.)
God is powerful but not good, or good but not powerful, or neither and so no God at all
Limit hedonism so that you do not suffer from your excess
Believe only the Pentateuch is from God
Following the Law makes life better
Not a denial of God
Denial of the miraculous
Reason and logic are the ultimate court of appeal
Sadducees Today
Man and reason are king
God may exist but is powerless at best or uncaring at worst
The right of man and the function of his will is primary
“The doctrine of the Sadducees, on the other hand, may be summed up in three words: free-thinking, skepticism, and rationalism.” - JC Ryle
The mockery of the Rationalists
7 Husbands for 1 Wife
The Modern Era
The Tale of Tobit
Married Sara who had been widowed seven times
Struck blind at 58
His blindness is a type of death
Her womb is 'dead'
Tobit faces death to rescue Sara as a Kinsman Redeemer
His sacrifice brings life
The Glorious Response of Christ
A Reasonable Faith
The core of the reason of our faith is that Jesus is better than everything.
A Trustworthy Word
An Overwhelming Power
“These traitors, nourished in the very House of God, are the worst foes of the Truth of God and righteousness. They ridicule that which once they professed to reverence. . . And because they never felt the powers of the world to come, they imagine that no one else has done so either.” - Spurgeon
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