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1960's Cars

No description

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of 1960's Cars

The movie "The Love Bug" was
released in 1968, but Herbie is
a 1963 Volkswagen beetle. This was one of the first rear engine cars. Having over 21 million made, it is the most manufactured design world wide.

1964 Camaro
1965 Ford Mustang
The full name for a Shelby is the Ford Shelby Cobra. The team that created this 1961 automobile was managed by Manfred Rumpel. Another model for the Shelby Cobra was the AC Cobra.
The 1960’s was a fantastically popular generation for cars. Many of the cars possessed luxurious characteristics such as power windows, power doors and air conditioning. The 1960’s cars also included some of the same specialties that our vehicles today include. For example, the antique 1960’s cars featured power steering, power brakes and automatic transmissions. Front-wheel drive cars were also introduced in the 1960's for the first time since the 1930's.
1961 Shelby
The Camaro was
created to compete
with the Mustang. In the 1960's they called it "a vicious animal that eats mustangs". The Camaro is also known as a pony car.
The Ford Mustang was manufactured from April 1964-1973. This style was very popular because it had a long hood and short deck. It was so popular that it inspired many imitations. Within the first six months of being on the market, Ford sold 100,000 Mustangs and within a year they sold over half a million. When the Mustang was made, it introduced
a new class of automobile called the
pony car. In 1965, the Ford mustang dominated in the stock market.
1960 Ford Thunderbird
The Ford Thunderbird is a late 50's early 60's car. The Thunderbird is a complete luxury car it has four seats and is only 52.5 inches tall. That is almost 9 inches under the average american car. Ford sold 37,892 in 1958, 67,456 in 1959, and 92,843 in 1960 making a total of 198,191 cars made.
1960's Muscle Cars
Muscle cars are also included in the classic-car era, although they weren't very popular until around 1964. Muscle cars are medium sized cars and carry extremely powerful engines. Designed for drag-racing and high speed, these 1960 automobiles portrayed a particular trim.
Why were 1960's cars created?
1960's Cars!! :)
The 1960's cars were first ordered by Detroit, because a larger selection of different cars was desired. So, plenty of different designs of cars were invented. For example: smaller cars, medium-sized cars and medium-sized cars containing lots of horsepower. The remaining larger cars then received a high amount of horsepower as well, for the power-requesting public.
By: Josiah, Jeffrey & Maddy
Outsiders Cars?
The Socs drove nicer and fancier cars and the greasers drove more suped-up cars! In the end of the book, you'll figure out what kind of cars Ponyboy's gang drove, or so we've been told!
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